Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Suffice it to say that it has been way too much time since my last post. As always - you know how it goes. It has recently been my birthday and I just started spring break, so I have two full weeks to relax and do whatever I want, relatively.

Although I have become much more keen about the personal life details I reveal about myself, there is something I would like to share. Starting this year, I have finally managed to get my own space and will start living a completely independent lifestyle starting April - well, I have been living away from my parents for one year now but now I won't owe anything to anyone, as I will be paying the whole thing myself, and time will be completely mine. Joy! That is one of the many aspirations that I wanted to achieve so it's something I can check off that list now. Still many other things to work on.

Time has gone by real fast and it's hard to keep up at times - more so when you're just halfway through your engineering studies I'd say, although I'm only carrying a small amount of subjects and material that I should by semester (just about half, actually), so it's nowhere near as heavy as it should be. I still go crazy at times, more so thinking that I haven't even touched osu! at all - sometimes I arrive home and I'm so tired that I just drop on the bed and fall asleep. Still, I don't regret anything.

Even then, lately I feel like I haven't taken full advantage of my time, as I still doze off and distract myself with other things - you know, I'm not a robot, so no guilt. What I've been doing most lately is listen to music - I mean sure, it's always been something I loved, but lately it's been like I suspend my activities entirely and just listen. I've been paying so much attention to it... and I enjoy so much all the song variety I can listen to and enjoy, I often just skip from song to song and keep doing that for hours. Honestly, I can't think of how a regular day at work would be if I didn't have my earphones with me - and even then I only find myself I circle around the same songs, most regularly. Doesn't mean that I don't expand my tastes, perhaps maybe not as much as other people do - used to think that having 800 songs on the cellphone was plenty couple years back, now I can't get enough by having 1743 and counting.

osu! has always been on the back of my mind, but lately I feel like I've lost touch. It doesn't mean that I actually have, I'm sure it's just a matter of polishing up my technique and getting my hands dirty again - as I keep listening to many more different songs I just keep imagining how the beatmaps would turn out, so I repeat, that will ALWAYS be there, no doubt. In fact, I'm planning to get myself a small, simple osu! tattoo, just to show how it has marked my life forever and will always be a part of me.

As for the other things such as TV shows, lately I've found that I can't stand sitting still for hours watching something - I don't mean to discredit visual arts and cinema, there is of course amazing material out there, and I've found it's just me - but there are so many other productive things I could do with that time. Perhaps it's the way my brain is shaping up after being used to focus on other things all the time - the only activity like that I allow to myself is listening to music, which I've already described above. For all other things like watching movies I just prefer to work on my blog, study, exercise, meditate, clean up or whatever other activity you can think of. It's interesting, as I had never thought that it'd turn out like this, but I hope it stays this way. Perhaps I'll write a post about my perspective on this in the future.

Anyway, time to doze off again and focus on other things. May this spring break be full of productive activities!