Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beatmap Design: such a huge thing to keep on going

Hello again, after like three months! I'm sorry for not posting these past days. As usual, my life's been keeping me busy. Well, instead of making this post another apology like the rest, let me just write something that's been on my mind lately.

Very few people know about my other blog, Beatmap Design; and many people know I like mapping. Beatmapping is my passion, and I've been working more than usual to bring new maps to my... other blog, where I host my beatmaps offline. So as you can guess, I really, really like mapping. I've written several posts about theories and... stuff, about how awesome beatmapping is. It makes me look crazy, but I do, and I always will.

So, the idea of writing a book about beatmapping analysis and theories has been around since last year. Sometimes I get motivated to do it, sometimes I feel it's too much, and sometimes I forget about it. It's still standing, really - I haven't given up. But perhaps this is not the most adequate time yet. Even though I have experience beatmapping, I have yet to analyze many more aspects of it before I can make some kind of "scientific report" all about it; besides the fact that I barely reserve any time to write for it. So, for now I decided to just write stuff about it in my blog, until I recollect enough information and build myself up. It's all good and well, except it's exactly the same problem: I barely reserve any time to write for it.

Inspiration comes and goes - you know the deal. It's the same for beatmapping, writing, composing, drawing, etc. Random bits of inspiration may come up to me randomly during the day. Joining together all these bits of inspiration, is how I pictured I could write several posts about beatmapping. And I have written some of them down - I have several drafts in my blog. But what should be the way I go with this thing? Should it be like elaborate, well-explained tutorials... or like a normal blog?

It's always been a problem... and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop anytime soon. I barely reserve time for that. So the second option is starting to look more attractive... think about it. If I just wrote and published these random bits of inspiration... say, once a week, perhaps I'd get something published, which, the way this situation is now, is the most important thing. I wouldn't come up with screenshots, gifs or audio recordings, even though I would like to... but that would allow me to get this stuff out of me, and people would be able to know about it. It's what matters most to me - that people listen. Right now, I feel like I'm the only one in the world that can come up with stuff like this, and I certainly wouldn't like to let it die and vanish into oblivion.

The other thing is... being all independent from the osu! community, acting as a lone wolf on this whole thing. Is that really the right way? I mean, this whole outside-the-box perspective I've been able to build certainly has been very useful to my beatmapping style, but... well, I can't lie, I miss my osu! buddies. At first, I didn't get online much because I found out that chatting online distracted me from actually doing anything in osu!, and I wouldn't end up doing anything in the end, but then... it became kinda like... to avoid any compromise, avoiding questions such as "will you get online more often?" or "will you be able to get your maps ranked?". I, without a doubt, would like to do it, but the thing is that I say yes then I end up disappointing... reminiscent of my BAT days. And I don't like to do that. So I just open osu! as Guest whenever I get the chance, which is pretty randomly.

Hmmm... I really need to get it together. Being productive and such: I need to learn how to do that.

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