Friday, November 15, 2013

Okay, PayPal DOES suck.

Following up from the previous post, I called today at around 6pm, and well, it was pretty straightforward. I mean, the guy kinda wanted to treat me as if I was dumb, but I understand why. I recieved the e-mail, the code, yadda yadda, and finally I was able to set a new password. Yipee! Time to forget about this.

So I think "I'll just input the same password I use for everything... why didn't I do so in the first place?" and so I try to do it, BUT...

"PayPal has detected an error: You cannot use the same password you have active right now. Please choose a different one."

WHAT?! I swear to god, I tried to input that to login hundreds of times!! What in the hell happened, why couldn't I log in if it was the correct password? I didn't recieve any kind of fraud warning or login attempts warning or... anything like that. God. That sucked big time. So now that I had to put something different, NOW I'm more prone to forgetting the new password. That's just genius, eh.

Well, at least it's over. I have a whopping $136.5MX in my account <3 hahaha.

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