Thursday, November 14, 2013

DMCA, leave me alone. Paypal, you suck. Adfly, good to see you back.

Jesus, this is stupid. Why in the world would you...?! Oh wait, that's right, it's not people who send this kind of stuff, it's just crawlers and spiders digging info. Yes, it's very stupid - because it's not file sharing. Granted, I'm technically not allowed to use the music like that, but it's still not file sharing. It doesn't affect the artists. At all. And you know what makes it even more stupid? That over here at my other blog, I haven't received a single DMCA complaint. And that's where it's like supposed to happen. It's incredible how stupid this system has gotten.

That makes me think the DMCA is carefully looking at what I do on this account because of my past blog... so it might be wise to tread a little bit more carefully. I might have to encrypt the MEGA links of my own maps... ugh, how annoying.

Hmm? Yeah, that blog is still alive. MEGA is absolute love~ it doesn't take down my links, not even for inactivity, which is amazing. Indeed, things are going well with the blog! Now that I can sit on the computer more frequently, I hope I can pick up some of the pace again, to do some more uploads and share music.

That reminds me, I reached another $5 over with my adfly account last month - whoopie! This time it didn't ask me any confirmation, so it went directly to my balance - and now I have a whoppin' $10 on PayPal, hell yes... but oh, the disaster.

As I tried to verify it and see the number on my account, I tried to login, but failed. So it looks like I forgot my password... since I tried every combination possible and nothing worked. Makes me think I had to use a different password because of the restrictions... but whatever. So I try to recover it using the default options - they don't work either. Damnit! To recover my password by e-mail I have to answer two security questions, of which I don't know the answers. The recovery by phone doesn't work because it tries to reach another phone - even though I remember very well I put my cell phone there.

So yeah, that's a huge blunder from my part... and it seems the only way to fix it now is to call the help center directly. I hope I can get around to it this week... I already set up Skype to do it, since I think I can make free calls from there too, and it'll be more comfortable.

Gee, so everything sucks, I know. Even adfly, last month, was acting pretty weird - I had a sudden drop in visitors in ummm... august. Who knows why. Dropped from ~60 average to ~10 - that's pretty noticeable, you agree with me. I barely did $1 a month - so it dropped to a few cents, which is very, very low. I presumed it was Google's fault, since it must receive a lot from takedown requests from that blog too.
I was already giving up on building something promising, but... surprise! I hadn't noticed last month's visitors had gone back to normal! Well, sort of.

Why did that occur, though? Particularly during those days, I don't remember uploading or doing anything special. But who cares, it's back to normal! Now, it's been just half of November and I already did another $1, yay. My hope is back up.

I know, counting just $1 isn't much. I just hope I can pick the pace to upload more albums, get more visitors and make a little money in the future. I'm building something, and it's going to be big - I just gotta keep working on it.

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