Friday, September 13, 2013

Life update: 09/13/2013

Hello guys. Sorry for not being so active over here... important personal issues have been happening over here recently, so I hadn't given myself time to write. Hectic life, this one has always been. So what can I write about?

I bet you missed that.

No, really though, I'm sorry for not writing all these months, but I guess it's normal, I'm not that much of a multitasker; I noticed, every time I focused on stuff like this, I became careless with school and my "social circle", and viceversa. So that means I've been focusing more on those things, which is good... I guess. But in any case, I must try to keep a more balanced life.

As for important life events, I graduated from high school and entered college, isn't that awesome? Well, it's not what you'd say the biggest achievement in my life, but everything's going perfect.
Well, I started going two weeks later which is a bit too late, and I still have like four debts I need to take care of. But besides that, everything's going smoothly. I have plenty to complain about my college, though, but that'll be another day. So everything keeps on going.

As for projects I've started to create recently (you know I'm always someone to have a "project" in the works), there are two important ones I've been working on.

I've been reading too much "For Dummies" material (I downloaded a compilation torrent of the ebooks). I love it! The texts are so friendly for the brain, and they can talk about almost anything, and I really mean that. Each book contains lots of information about whatever that book's about, and it's fun to read, and easy to understand. You really can learn a lot with those books!
And the idea struck me. As I was reading my other blog about beatmap design, I for a moment mistook it for one of those books. It was then that I realized it's possible. Imagine seeing on a book cover "osu! beatmap design for Dummies", or "osu! for Dummies". It's completely possible! And I'm capable enough to write it. I just need to pour hours and hours of my time to do it, but it's completely possible. I have already thought about the full table of contents, and one can easily reach the 300 page mark.
Of course, if I keep progressing through this idea, when I finish it I wouldn't be able to publish it legally like all the others, so I would release it for free, but in a few years it might be possible. It's a lengthy and complicated process, but no doubt it's possible. I might even have to travel to the US for that, but that doesn't sound like a very bad idea.

So that's one. The other one is a secret. I have other mini-projects in mind too, but I'll keep them under wraps for now. Perhaps I'll reveal more about them in the following weeks. Not like there's someone actually following me or anything... I'm not famous. The main difference is that... my projects are not too ambitious now, like they used to be. So I can definitely see the goal mark this time.

As for the use of my free time recently, I've been into mapping again! Very very soon, I will publish another one of my offline beatmaps on my other blog, and if I can I'll keep working on all of them. I just love my babies so much! I might even start playing again, who knows!

So I guess that's it for now. This is where I write an empty promise to keep writing here. Haha!

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