Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music Hood is now Music Hood Re~!.

And it's on a separate account now. You can see why I did it now, right?

Right. It's better to keep using a main Google account for legitimate purposes, and another one for illegitimate ones. That way, I can keep a mostly-clean record, and if an account gets busted, it'll be the less used one. I should have done that from the start...

Oh well, at least that means I get another chance at reorganizing everything neatly. It's coming up nicely, this time with no adfly involved. I'm also almost done reuploading everything... well, only halfway there. You can see the new site at
Why "Re~!", you ask? Why, it can stand for many things at the same time! Reboot, revival, reenergizer, you name it!
...yeah, I'm no good with names, I know. I need to get better with that.

I sure hope these links last this time. After failing to find a better filehost than MediaFire, I decided to start using mirrorcreator, so there's multiple choices available. I'm also uploading anonymously, so they can't take down everything at the same time, and send me DMCA notices or whatever. Put that together, along with CAPTCHAs and passwords, and hopefully you'll have online links for more than a month. All I need now is people to visit it.

Piracy is not dead! Piracy will never die! ...Mega will revive and it'll be the best thing ever!
...damn it Kim, get out of my head.

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