Sunday, January 27, 2013

MediaFire: Seriously?

My pizzahutch MediaFire account was taken down. What?!

That was the legitimate account I wanted to keep! I understand they took down like 3 of my other accounts, but not that one! What about all the packs, the skins, my stuff?!
The last file taken down was a Two Door Cinema Club map... like, seriously Alexa, screw off! You're always the first one to act :<

That's it... for personal use I'm going to start using Mega. Now I need to reupload everything I had... and I don't remember very well what it was. Oh dear... anyone who finds one of my legitimate links down, notify me as soon as possible. I'll start reuploading the offline maps...

DeathxShinigami... reupload every pack I uploaded, if you haven't!

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