Thursday, January 24, 2013

I had forgotten to blog a little detail here...

I completely crushed DeathxShinigami in a game of Advance Wars. :D Does that mean I'm getting better?

Well, in any case, I haven't played much recently, specially this week; started another high-school semester, yadda yadda bing bang boom. What I've been playing recently is Super Hexagon and... just that, and that's just because the mobile version came out. I've become kind of obsessed; already beat Hexagonest, just for a few days of playing. I like games based on skill like that... reminds me of osu! in a way. Which reminds me... I should play osu!mania again.

I've been wondering about one thing recently; should I upload game footage of myself playing, even though it's nothing special and tons of other people have already done so? The secret behind the "Yuki says daisuki" video is that no one else had uploaded it yet, so I'm not sure if my videos will get any views at all. It's not the case of my osu! offline beatmaps videos, since there's no way anyone else has uploaded them.
It's not like I upload videos for popularity, but... since there's nothing special about them, what's the point of watching them?

I... should play stuff like, right now, since I have free time.

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