Sunday, January 27, 2013

MediaFire: Seriously?

My pizzahutch MediaFire account was taken down. What?!

That was the legitimate account I wanted to keep! I understand they took down like 3 of my other accounts, but not that one! What about all the packs, the skins, my stuff?!
The last file taken down was a Two Door Cinema Club map... like, seriously Alexa, screw off! You're always the first one to act :<

That's it... for personal use I'm going to start using Mega. Now I need to reupload everything I had... and I don't remember very well what it was. Oh dear... anyone who finds one of my legitimate links down, notify me as soon as possible. I'll start reuploading the offline maps...

DeathxShinigami... reupload every pack I uploaded, if you haven't!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I had forgotten to blog a little detail here...

I completely crushed DeathxShinigami in a game of Advance Wars. :D Does that mean I'm getting better?

Well, in any case, I haven't played much recently, specially this week; started another high-school semester, yadda yadda bing bang boom. What I've been playing recently is Super Hexagon and... just that, and that's just because the mobile version came out. I've become kind of obsessed; already beat Hexagonest, just for a few days of playing. I like games based on skill like that... reminds me of osu! in a way. Which reminds me... I should play osu!mania again.

I've been wondering about one thing recently; should I upload game footage of myself playing, even though it's nothing special and tons of other people have already done so? The secret behind the "Yuki says daisuki" video is that no one else had uploaded it yet, so I'm not sure if my videos will get any views at all. It's not the case of my osu! offline beatmaps videos, since there's no way anyone else has uploaded them.
It's not like I upload videos for popularity, but... since there's nothing special about them, what's the point of watching them?

I... should play stuff like, right now, since I have free time.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Music Hood is now Music Hood Re~!.

And it's on a separate account now. You can see why I did it now, right?

Right. It's better to keep using a main Google account for legitimate purposes, and another one for illegitimate ones. That way, I can keep a mostly-clean record, and if an account gets busted, it'll be the less used one. I should have done that from the start...

Oh well, at least that means I get another chance at reorganizing everything neatly. It's coming up nicely, this time with no adfly involved. I'm also almost done reuploading everything... well, only halfway there. You can see the new site at
Why "Re~!", you ask? Why, it can stand for many things at the same time! Reboot, revival, reenergizer, you name it!
...yeah, I'm no good with names, I know. I need to get better with that.

I sure hope these links last this time. After failing to find a better filehost than MediaFire, I decided to start using mirrorcreator, so there's multiple choices available. I'm also uploading anonymously, so they can't take down everything at the same time, and send me DMCA notices or whatever. Put that together, along with CAPTCHAs and passwords, and hopefully you'll have online links for more than a month. All I need now is people to visit it.

Piracy is not dead! Piracy will never die! ...Mega will revive and it'll be the best thing ever!
...damn it Kim, get out of my head.

I have a Twitter account now.

Even though I'm not sure I will keep using it. I gotta first get into it, I think. My avatar is still an egg thingy, and my timeline is still empty... mainly because I don't know who should I start following. I'll get some people though.

My account is @GensHaze... I love how Gens can be already taken, but GensHaze never is~ You should totally follow me so you can see all the boring stuff I can tweet.
I'm not sure how should I link my account using this, (using the cellphone at the moment) so just search for me.

Seriously though, why would I need so many social services... I'm already having trouble keeping up with Facebook.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So I've been enjoying my holidays.

So umm... there was no end-of-year post, there hasn't been a post here in some time, in fact. I finished this semester and stuff kept happening. Main reason why I haven't done anything productive is... I've been lazy. That's all.

Yeah. Waking up to play videogames all day and lose time... it feels nice for some time, though I've always been feeling guilty about not doing anything productive over the last month. Time's over, though; next monday is the start of a new semester. I gotta get ready for everything, and I promise I won't be so lazy anymore.

About the stuff that's happened, umm... I think the most important are that I now have a smartphone and I have a TV, after like three years of not having one. It's been great, and I'm eternally grateful to my brother, since it wouldn't have been possible without him.

Just until some days ago I had the brilliant idea of installing the blogger app for android... now that my pc's become more of a media center (I have it hooked up to the TV), I've had less time to use it, I guess... to use it on a more personal way. I can pretty much do anything from my cellphone, so it's alright.

I won't promise anything, but I may blog here more often now.