Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh yes, I have a dog now.


The story behind her is... well, her name is Vainilla, or Vanilla if you want a localized name. She was adopted, idea from my mom. She's always wanted a chihuahua, and the opportunity presented itself. She just appeared one day in front of our house, helpless and hungry.

At first all of us were like "...what?", as she was all scaredy, dirty, thin and smelly, but as we kept playing together with her, bathing her and giving her food she quickly adapted to our lifestyle, and is now another member of the family.

So yeah. Having a dog, specially when they're this small, aren't such a huge problem. I still wish we could give her a better place to be though; somewhere with kids to play with. My family is most of the time too busy to play with her, and we haven't taken her to the veterinary yet.

So yeah. Dog.

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