Sunday, October 14, 2012

New One-Difficulty Beatmap: Mystery Skulls - Money [Hard]


Yay, another map. Kind of weird, I consider other songs catchier than this one, yet I went ahead and mapped this. Well, I can't say I dislike the map, and the song is very mappable too so why not!

I first heard this song thanks to this video. I've downloaded and listened to the EP since then. The song is very catchy, you can't deny it~

I think I'm getting even better at mapping. Comparing this kind of beatmap with my older ones make them look weird.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh yes, I have a dog now.


The story behind her is... well, her name is Vainilla, or Vanilla if you want a localized name. She was adopted, idea from my mom. She's always wanted a chihuahua, and the opportunity presented itself. She just appeared one day in front of our house, helpless and hungry.

At first all of us were like "...what?", as she was all scaredy, dirty, thin and smelly, but as we kept playing together with her, bathing her and giving her food she quickly adapted to our lifestyle, and is now another member of the family.

So yeah. Having a dog, specially when they're this small, aren't such a huge problem. I still wish we could give her a better place to be though; somewhere with kids to play with. My family is most of the time too busy to play with her, and we haven't taken her to the veterinary yet.

So yeah. Dog.

And then an update.

It's been some time since I last wrote here, right? ...the post I wrote some minutes ago doesn't count.

Nothing super special has happened in my life lately...
Well, as I was mentioning in my last post, I won a scholarship thanks to my super extra cool scores in exams. Weee! It's like I finally have a reason to keep getting high scores; like all my previous efforts hadn't gone completely wasted. They didn't forget about people like me~
I had actually wondered if it would be better to just half-ass my way through high school, but I wasn't sure enough to do something like that. The second opportunity exams cost some money, in any case. It would be bad if I were to need something like that. But oh well, I gotta keep giving it my best now.

Uhh... I also came back with my girlfriend. Shocker! I bet many of you didn't even know I had one. Well, it's  been kinda weird, but the sure thing is that I was the one who messed up. I'm glad she's giving our thing a second chance... or perhaps I'm just that irresistible ;p Well, in any case, let's see how it goes this time.

I think I hadn't posted about this, but my bro got the chance to get a new internal HDD imported from the US at a lower price: 2TB for only ~$1000MX! That's a bargain, usually it'd be the double of that. This past month, the only thing I've been doing is downloading. It feels so good to have all your stuff in one place, instead of having external HDDs and online uploads and stuff. It also feels so good to have 300+ episodes of One Piece for you to watch at any time~
I started to download whole series like Game Center CX and One Piece, and I have downloaded around 150GB these past weeks only :P and I imagine I'll need more storage sooner or later... already used up 1TB :(
But hey, don't think we haven't used all those downloads, I love watching old One Piece episodes again!
There are so many dead links nowadays, I think I just might move to torrents instead. But ah, I wish I had parallel upload and download, because my ratio has gone down from 0.5 to 0.2 :(

About Music Hood, I'll start working on putting everything up again. I feel bad having won one dollar out of tricking people... and it's just one dollar. One dollar is not worth tricking so many people. I feel bad. At least it'll be mostly painless now that I don't have to modify the tags anymore.

So, I guess that's all. I'll post whenever I have free days like this.

For those who haven't noticed... I resigned to the BAT.

Yeah, I decided to move to osu! alumni. In other words, quit the BAT.

Not permanently though... I hope.

This sunday's been pretty light this time around (no homework yay), so I'm taking the chance to write something. Last time I wrote was on August, and I've always said I need to update this thing more often. Now then...

osu! has been one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. It made me realize my love for music, and it's definitely the best simulator out there. I'll never forget osu! in my life.
Ever since I started playing and mapping, I wanted to help in some way, and of course, back then in 2008 it was a mere dream to enter the BAT and be one of those guys "from the other side". I didn't want to enter to be an authority figure or anything, my only real desire was to return the huge favor the BAT back then did to me.

Stuff happened, I learned english, I talked, I kept talking, I became one of the first MATs, and later I became BAT. I'm not sure how I did that now, to be honest. I used to use up all my time on osu! before. So then, I started to rank maps and make my dream real.

Now though... it's just lack of time, really. I wish I could keep going on, but my motivation and my thoughts keep moving somewhere else. Lately I've been focusing 100% on school, because I was awarded a scholarship for... umm... how do you say it in english? High average scores? Well, that.
I've always been good at exams and such, but what really consumes my time is homework. To get a high average score, one needs, besides getting good scores, deliver all homework correctly. If I get an average below 90 this semester, I'll lose my scholarship, which means I'll lose money, which means I don't want to. All these scholarships have been a huge help, and I probably wouldn't be studying right now if it weren't for them.

Why does homework even exist anyway? I learn everything I learn because I'm at class, not because I keep writing and tiring my hand out. I'm not against a little bit of rechecking, and I like knowledge, but some assignments are just... argh. I don't see how homework benefits me, specially if I end up copying it almost anytime. Not that I always do that, but... eheh, you know. Point is, there is little to no benefit from doing homework. If I needed to study, I'd study by my own accord, because I already know how to take care of myself. Don't need anybody forcing me to do something.

So then, yes. My high school has become more strict this semester. I was hoping I'd have a chance to return to the marvelous osu! world, but it doesn't seem likely. Not this semester, or the next one. It just felt appropriate I resign from the team, and let someone else take my place in the meantime.
I still wish I could help. I don't feel like I helped enough as a BAT, and I could have done more when I was active. This is why I still have the idea I'll return someday. I'll ask to come back once I feel 100% secure I can stay.

It's not only that though; another reason why I love osu! is because of mapping. Making me realize my love for music also made me realize how fun and beautiful mapping the true feeling of your favorite songs can be. As long as osu! exists, I will keep mapping.
Perhaps outsiders think I've completely forgotten about osu!, but as I get the chance I keep mapping offline difficulties. My offline WiP count has been increasing; it's up to 200 now. I'm also nearing the completion of another offline difficulty. I may be slow, but I won't stop, that's for sure.
Of course, eventually, I'd like to release full mapsets and such so people can play them too, I feel bad keeping all the fun for myself, haha.

So, yes... I'll just leave the post... for now. Who knows until when, but someday I'll return, full speed. I'll take this time to focus on school and other projects, so I can handle myself better until then.