Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Man, I haven't seen that guy Gens in a long time.

If you're a fellow osu! stalker (being on this blog is proof of it), then you may have wondering where the hell have I been these recent months. I guess there's no harm in a little explanation. I've already explained these points to a few people through PMs, though I might as well publish it here.

Well, I'll be honest. I'm on vacation now. This last semester was tough, but I managed to pass all 13 assignments with more than 90 (out of 100, that's much more than the average). It's not like I was lying when I said I had no time in April/May; I really was hell-busy on school matters. I went to my last day of the semester on June 7. Well then, what the hell have I been doing all this time?!

Tell you what... I've actually had a lot of time. Me and my brothers are now free of all school-related things, and are fully enjoying our relaxed vacations. It feels nice, after such a tough semester. But as such... there's a strong reason I haven't done anything osu!-related recently, and that reason is: The computer I use, I share it. I don't have a personal computer. It's always been like this.

Back then, a few years ago, I became super active in osu!, to the point I became BAT. This was because I wasn't studying at the time, and that gave me lots of time; my brothers had to go to school, leaving the computer for me to use. Whole days, sitting there. I enjoyed my time, I guess.
It's not like that anymore, though; now, my brothers and me, all want to use the computer. I guess it's just natural; in my house there isn't any other way to entertain yourself (we don't even have a TV! although who needs it when you can download your favorite shows). I can't just be a fat-ass to my brothers and reserve the computer all day, either; they're being nice letting me use it, so I will show the same kindness to them.

Being honest, lack of motivation has also been the reason (of course.). I've been using my time for other projects such as the revival of the Music Hood blog (which has been progressing incredibly smoothly), or personal projects such as beating games I've had pending for a long time. Besides that, I've been enjoying my time playing multiplayer games or watching shows along with my bros.
I've recently started watching other shows, like Game Center CX; pretty fun show! Makes me want to play games myself to prove I can beat x part without as many continues. Other animes I've started to watch are (as I mentioned in my last post) Hayate the Combat Butler, Nichijou and Panda Cafe. Hooray!

So yeah, there you go. You may now proceed to be angry with me because I haven't modded your map yet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's wrong with moe culture these days? I'll tell you what.

I've always hated moe for some reason. Until some days ago, I couldn't realize why. But now I know. The main problem is that men, grown-ass men, watch moe anime and become obsessed with it. It's pretty obvious, really.
Men are practically throwing their manliness away with it, because the sole reason they watch it is because "they're cute". I've seen it happen a lot.

Think of it; if this was 1990~2000, and we saw a 20-year-old guy watching my little pony, a cartoon aimed at 6~10 year old girls, what would be the first thought on our minds? "Faggot." "What the hell is he watching?" "Why is he watching a girly cartoon, and not something like X-Men?".
This is now 2012, and we see the same guy watching the same show, what do we do? We raise our hand and say "Yo, brony!".
Really, that's screwed up. Sure, times change, but there's something terribly wrong here. It's like the recent approval of gay marriages in some countries. Society just doesn't care about sex roles anymore.

Really, watching a show just for the character design is just as bad as playing a game for its graphics; it happens a lot, too, and we should stop. I'm not saying every show should be analyzed in-depth by a professional to fully enjoy it, but you can't base your preferences over something so superficial, either. It's like you're a baby that can't understand speech yet, and just enjoy watching the characters move around.

I've also been trying to expand my preferences as of lately; for example, being a little bit more broad on the anime genre. Now that I'm in a vacation period, I've started to watch animes like Nichijou and Hayate the Combat Butler, which have art styles a little bit more inclined to "cuteness". Tell you what, I've been enjoying them, not because of the art style, but for the funny jokes they crack sometimes. I look forward to discovering more cartoons like these.
Sure, cuteness has its place; I've never said the contrary. But you can't keep feeding off the same thing every day. You can't create an anime based off pure cuteness and ignore other important aspects. Everything should be well-balanced.

I really can't stress it well enough; people shouldn't consume entertainment based on mere superficial skin. People should enjoy the actual content they give. That's why people don't read any books, because they don't have any illustrations on them. I would say... "don't read a manga based on its cover". Give it a go based on its literary aspect.

Man, I'm going to end up renaming this blog to "Gens' Rants".