Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am involved in a romantic relationship.

Enough ranting? Okay, okay.

I know, it's sooo not like me, right. Like, when you think of "romantic guys", one doesn't think about me. I'm barely expressive with my emotions. Well, who said I couldn't have a crush?

It was all... kinda romantic. I've had a few crushes in the past, none of which succeeded, so I was feeling kinda down. I'm not the guy to be 'searching for a girlfriend' either (because, if you 'choose' one out of the bunch just to have a girl, I feel like there's nothing special there... and I also feel that's treating women like toys), you should know me. So well, nothing could fix it at the moment.

Then this friend is all like "Hey, wanna know something :3 This girl has a crush on you!" and I was all like :O
I didn't really expect it. I had a slight interest before in her, but not enough to start thinking about her all ruddy day and night. It's always been like, "yeah, she's cute; being with her as a couple isn't completely out of the question".

Naturally, if it didn't come from me (the initative to start a relationship I mean), I'm usually pretty quick to reject other people (I've had other 2 people confess to me; I'm the hot boy at school ;P), but it wasn't the case this time. I had this strange feeling, a feeling that told me that if I reject her I'd feel pretty stupid. I also had this feeling my friend wasn't lying to me, that this girl had a real thing on me, a feeling that I can't toy with her; that it's a very important decision. It made me think. I was trying to convince myself to reject her, trying to convince myself that I don't like her, because I think a relationship would only cause more problems at my age... but I couldn't for some reason. I figured I was genuinely interested in her.

I told my friend, and so, stuff happened. We're still being a little bit shy to each other, so we dated out of peer pressure of my other friends (which already knew all the details of this story). I don't regret it, in fact I'm happy I have friends like this (else nothing would have happened)... I feel happy when I'm with her. Everytime we hug, everytime we talk... I guess that's love for you. I sincerely hope we can grow old together. It might be just the idea, it might be teenage foolishness, but I don't give a... sheep. If it is, I'll learn from my mistakes... but it's too soon to call this a mistake.

Okay... well, I guess that's it. Nnfh, I'm not used to write my feelings, specially on a blog post. Oh well, I guess it's time to go back to the wacky me.

Hooray, I've had almost no time to do stuff in osu! because of this and school :D

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