Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am involved in a romantic relationship.

Enough ranting? Okay, okay.

I know, it's sooo not like me, right. Like, when you think of "romantic guys", one doesn't think about me. I'm barely expressive with my emotions. Well, who said I couldn't have a crush?

It was all... kinda romantic. I've had a few crushes in the past, none of which succeeded, so I was feeling kinda down. I'm not the guy to be 'searching for a girlfriend' either (because, if you 'choose' one out of the bunch just to have a girl, I feel like there's nothing special there... and I also feel that's treating women like toys), you should know me. So well, nothing could fix it at the moment.

Then this friend is all like "Hey, wanna know something :3 This girl has a crush on you!" and I was all like :O
I didn't really expect it. I had a slight interest before in her, but not enough to start thinking about her all ruddy day and night. It's always been like, "yeah, she's cute; being with her as a couple isn't completely out of the question".

Naturally, if it didn't come from me (the initative to start a relationship I mean), I'm usually pretty quick to reject other people (I've had other 2 people confess to me; I'm the hot boy at school ;P), but it wasn't the case this time. I had this strange feeling, a feeling that told me that if I reject her I'd feel pretty stupid. I also had this feeling my friend wasn't lying to me, that this girl had a real thing on me, a feeling that I can't toy with her; that it's a very important decision. It made me think. I was trying to convince myself to reject her, trying to convince myself that I don't like her, because I think a relationship would only cause more problems at my age... but I couldn't for some reason. I figured I was genuinely interested in her.

I told my friend, and so, stuff happened. We're still being a little bit shy to each other, so we dated out of peer pressure of my other friends (which already knew all the details of this story). I don't regret it, in fact I'm happy I have friends like this (else nothing would have happened)... I feel happy when I'm with her. Everytime we hug, everytime we talk... I guess that's love for you. I sincerely hope we can grow old together. It might be just the idea, it might be teenage foolishness, but I don't give a... sheep. If it is, I'll learn from my mistakes... but it's too soon to call this a mistake.

Okay... well, I guess that's it. Nnfh, I'm not used to write my feelings, specially on a blog post. Oh well, I guess it's time to go back to the wacky me.

Hooray, I've had almost no time to do stuff in osu! because of this and school :D

Why do people keep mapping the same songs?

I first started osu! with a mindset like "ooh I hate anime, it's pretty stupid". I also used to call myself a 'gamer', "oh, I love videogames, I'm only going to map songs from videogames". I remained like that for a while, but then I opened myself to more variety; I realized I can't hate something if I don't really know it. So I watched One Piece and thought "hey, it isn't that bad".

What was that thing that made me hate anime in the first place, though? I mean, some animes are very interesting and fun to see.

It was the otaku fanbase, really. That, and the moe subculture. The huuuge amount of those two, is what I think is retarded.

Until today I haven't inclined the slightest bit to become, or call myself, an 'otaku'. Why? I realized having a closed mind for things like these is bad, very very bad. You shouldn't limit yourself to enjoy something just for a 'tag' you have on yourself; that's exactly what I did, and I was missing a whole new world of entertainment. I, since last year or so, have tried to keep an 'open mind' for new things.

It pisses me off to see a hardcore, all-out otaku, because all they can think of is anime. Anime is their life! They have anime-decorated backpacks, anime notebooks, anime wallpapers, anime figurines, anime music, anime everything! They just don't realize they can also like many other things, which makes me sad; they've been raised with the idea of liking anime, and anime only... the idea of 'anime is the best thing ever', so they don't want to leave it for anything. I understand people have different preferences and such, but I doubt it can naturally go that far. They've become obsessed with the idea.

Well, what I wanted to post about is this:
People on osu! are a huge mass of otakus. I like to believe there are a few people still with an open mind there, but the ones I've known, I can count them on one hand.
Otakus bring more otakus. They're like friggin' magnets. And so, since all these otakus think about is anime, all they map is anime. Well, let's keep an open mind... sure, okay, this IOSYS song is pretty cool, no reason to hate... and oh look, this map with an anime background also sounds pretty cool. Okay, so I enjoy the song, and the map, so that's neat. I'm glad someone mapped it.

Wait, someone else mapped it too?
Wait, there are other 3 versions mapped? And another 2 remixes of the same song?

...why would you do that?! It's like, all anime songs have been mapped, so what do we do now? Let's map them again! Seriously, I understand when you're not satisfied with the map and want to make a better version, but some cases make me think they don't even bother checking the other maps.

Why people? Why don't you open yourself to other genres too? Be more varied! You cannot (or at least you shouldn't) keep mapping the same stuff, over, and over, and over again! There are millions of songs all around the world, many of which haven't been mapped yet; it is possible you weren't satisfied with the other version (although, with nowadays' standards I find that doubtful), and I completely understand that, but you can also use that time to map something else, and create more song variety!

I've always tried to map variety; in my old wips I have from anime openings to english pop. It's not hard to keep an open mind, people just don't want to, and I just don't understand why. This is why otakus piss me off.

I feel like I want to rant even more about it, but I can't find the correct words to do it. I'll just leave this post like this.

Also... if by any chance you're an otaku and you read this, I'm sorry if I insulted you, it was not my intention. I've finally calmed down a bit, don't worry. :P

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Singing a song merely for the meaning of the lyrics is retarded.

Gens has spoken.

Most people just sing lyrics because they like the song, and want to follow it - it's merely like humming. Many artists don't care about the message they contain anyway! Some examples would be Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Gorillaz and many more. The artists just sing them to follow the melody, to use their voice and to give something to follow the song - one gets attached to the lyrics not because of its meaning, but because of the harmony they form along with the rest of the instruments.

I'm not saying that the meaning should be completely ignored, just saying that your focus shouldn't be solely on that. Some songs have meaningful, beautiful lyrics, but the meaning of those come from the writer or the artist, and you should recieve them; they shouldn't come from you! It gets extra retarded when you modify the lyrics to fit whatever your message is, without any knowledge of musical theory! If you have some message you wish to share, write your own song, letter or book - all the other forms of art have some way to express yourself, choose the one that suits you best!

I think that's enough of my rant.