Monday, January 2, 2012

Penumbra: Overture - some thoughts

I recently finished this game, while checking it out of pure curiosity thanks to Cr1Tikal. Just thought I should post some thoughts on the game.

Rather than an adventure/exploration game I felt it as an "interactive... novel/movie". The story was very well-developed, but it didn't have that aspect I'd call of a game. Surely, as a survival horror game it made me bump out of my chair a few times, but it didn't really get me going as a game.

There was a lot of text, not that I'm complaining, but I think that interrupted the flow of the game at times. The controls were kind of clumsy at times, and the animations were cheesy, for example, the death animation. It had well planned scenarios and everything else though.

Something I did like was that there were very few scripted scenes, and you never really saw Phillips' face; it may have been a developing obstacle where they just decided to not draw Phillip's face, but rather than using a badly drawn face they decided to not draw the face at all. That's nice! With that, everything that happened to Phillip you felt it happened to you. That's nice too!

I wouldn't really recommend it to someone unless they're into this kind of thing. If you're looking for an interesting story, this is worth checking out.

I am starting the second game now. I hope it's better than the first one!

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