Saturday, November 10, 2012

New One-Difficulty Beatmap: Pixel - Running Hell [Insane]


Even though I have hundreds of other WiPs, I start this the past month and finish it days later. D: Well, it's a pretty short song, so I guess it's kind of understandable.

I'm sorry kirby, I think my version is better :P

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New One-Difficulty Beatmap: Mystery Skulls - Money [Hard]


Yay, another map. Kind of weird, I consider other songs catchier than this one, yet I went ahead and mapped this. Well, I can't say I dislike the map, and the song is very mappable too so why not!

I first heard this song thanks to this video. I've downloaded and listened to the EP since then. The song is very catchy, you can't deny it~

I think I'm getting even better at mapping. Comparing this kind of beatmap with my older ones make them look weird.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh yes, I have a dog now.


The story behind her is... well, her name is Vainilla, or Vanilla if you want a localized name. She was adopted, idea from my mom. She's always wanted a chihuahua, and the opportunity presented itself. She just appeared one day in front of our house, helpless and hungry.

At first all of us were like "...what?", as she was all scaredy, dirty, thin and smelly, but as we kept playing together with her, bathing her and giving her food she quickly adapted to our lifestyle, and is now another member of the family.

So yeah. Having a dog, specially when they're this small, aren't such a huge problem. I still wish we could give her a better place to be though; somewhere with kids to play with. My family is most of the time too busy to play with her, and we haven't taken her to the veterinary yet.

So yeah. Dog.

And then an update.

It's been some time since I last wrote here, right? ...the post I wrote some minutes ago doesn't count.

Nothing super special has happened in my life lately...
Well, as I was mentioning in my last post, I won a scholarship thanks to my super extra cool scores in exams. Weee! It's like I finally have a reason to keep getting high scores; like all my previous efforts hadn't gone completely wasted. They didn't forget about people like me~
I had actually wondered if it would be better to just half-ass my way through high school, but I wasn't sure enough to do something like that. The second opportunity exams cost some money, in any case. It would be bad if I were to need something like that. But oh well, I gotta keep giving it my best now.

Uhh... I also came back with my girlfriend. Shocker! I bet many of you didn't even know I had one. Well, it's  been kinda weird, but the sure thing is that I was the one who messed up. I'm glad she's giving our thing a second chance... or perhaps I'm just that irresistible ;p Well, in any case, let's see how it goes this time.

I think I hadn't posted about this, but my bro got the chance to get a new internal HDD imported from the US at a lower price: 2TB for only ~$1000MX! That's a bargain, usually it'd be the double of that. This past month, the only thing I've been doing is downloading. It feels so good to have all your stuff in one place, instead of having external HDDs and online uploads and stuff. It also feels so good to have 300+ episodes of One Piece for you to watch at any time~
I started to download whole series like Game Center CX and One Piece, and I have downloaded around 150GB these past weeks only :P and I imagine I'll need more storage sooner or later... already used up 1TB :(
But hey, don't think we haven't used all those downloads, I love watching old One Piece episodes again!
There are so many dead links nowadays, I think I just might move to torrents instead. But ah, I wish I had parallel upload and download, because my ratio has gone down from 0.5 to 0.2 :(

About Music Hood, I'll start working on putting everything up again. I feel bad having won one dollar out of tricking people... and it's just one dollar. One dollar is not worth tricking so many people. I feel bad. At least it'll be mostly painless now that I don't have to modify the tags anymore.

So, I guess that's all. I'll post whenever I have free days like this.

For those who haven't noticed... I resigned to the BAT.

Yeah, I decided to move to osu! alumni. In other words, quit the BAT.

Not permanently though... I hope.

This sunday's been pretty light this time around (no homework yay), so I'm taking the chance to write something. Last time I wrote was on August, and I've always said I need to update this thing more often. Now then...

osu! has been one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me. It made me realize my love for music, and it's definitely the best simulator out there. I'll never forget osu! in my life.
Ever since I started playing and mapping, I wanted to help in some way, and of course, back then in 2008 it was a mere dream to enter the BAT and be one of those guys "from the other side". I didn't want to enter to be an authority figure or anything, my only real desire was to return the huge favor the BAT back then did to me.

Stuff happened, I learned english, I talked, I kept talking, I became one of the first MATs, and later I became BAT. I'm not sure how I did that now, to be honest. I used to use up all my time on osu! before. So then, I started to rank maps and make my dream real.

Now though... it's just lack of time, really. I wish I could keep going on, but my motivation and my thoughts keep moving somewhere else. Lately I've been focusing 100% on school, because I was awarded a scholarship for... umm... how do you say it in english? High average scores? Well, that.
I've always been good at exams and such, but what really consumes my time is homework. To get a high average score, one needs, besides getting good scores, deliver all homework correctly. If I get an average below 90 this semester, I'll lose my scholarship, which means I'll lose money, which means I don't want to. All these scholarships have been a huge help, and I probably wouldn't be studying right now if it weren't for them.

Why does homework even exist anyway? I learn everything I learn because I'm at class, not because I keep writing and tiring my hand out. I'm not against a little bit of rechecking, and I like knowledge, but some assignments are just... argh. I don't see how homework benefits me, specially if I end up copying it almost anytime. Not that I always do that, but... eheh, you know. Point is, there is little to no benefit from doing homework. If I needed to study, I'd study by my own accord, because I already know how to take care of myself. Don't need anybody forcing me to do something.

So then, yes. My high school has become more strict this semester. I was hoping I'd have a chance to return to the marvelous osu! world, but it doesn't seem likely. Not this semester, or the next one. It just felt appropriate I resign from the team, and let someone else take my place in the meantime.
I still wish I could help. I don't feel like I helped enough as a BAT, and I could have done more when I was active. This is why I still have the idea I'll return someday. I'll ask to come back once I feel 100% secure I can stay.

It's not only that though; another reason why I love osu! is because of mapping. Making me realize my love for music also made me realize how fun and beautiful mapping the true feeling of your favorite songs can be. As long as osu! exists, I will keep mapping.
Perhaps outsiders think I've completely forgotten about osu!, but as I get the chance I keep mapping offline difficulties. My offline WiP count has been increasing; it's up to 200 now. I'm also nearing the completion of another offline difficulty. I may be slow, but I won't stop, that's for sure.
Of course, eventually, I'd like to release full mapsets and such so people can play them too, I feel bad keeping all the fun for myself, haha.

So, yes... I'll just leave the post... for now. Who knows until when, but someday I'll return, full speed. I'll take this time to focus on school and other projects, so I can handle myself better until then.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New One-Difficulty Beatmap: Lon - Ochame Kinou [Hard]


It's been some time since my last offline map! There's really not much behind this release; I just released it because it's short, fast-paced and catchy. It was kind of an easy work, ideal warm-up for more maps coming soon.

I was incredibly tempted to add video to this song. You know, Fukkireta. But, well, it's better to keep it simple in these cases.

Monday, August 6, 2012

It's been a while since my last update.

Lots of things have happened. I recently figured that I should post something, just so people know a bit of what's been going on. It's nothing super-exciting or anything, after all.

Well... ever since my last post, I'd say I've had some boring vacations, although I'm not complaining; next semester's starting now, and I'll have work to do again. I'm hoping it isn't as heavy as my second semester was, but still, it's not something I can ignore. Actually, classes started today, but of course, I must follow the tradition of always-being-late-in-the-inscription. It can't be helped, I think... I already used some of my scolarship on school, and of course I won't be able to afford the rest - it's really up to my parents. It's unlikely that I skip this semester or anything, anyway, I just hope I can get within this week.

That should be it for recent news... during my holiday, I didn't do much. I recieved a new cellphone after asking my father, since my old one didn't have a vibrate setting, which was pretty troublesome for me. Since I'm a social creep, I've only been using this new cellphone to play sudoku. Jesus, I think I'm getting better at it. As a little something I did because of my newfond sudoku addiction, I made sudoku playable on Excel 2010. It's like something someone would do as homework, but I'm doing it out of my free will. I love my life!

The week before starting classes was absolutely crazy. A truck tripped over some electricity post, making the whole thing go boom. Stuff like that happens, I know, but this time, after the electricity guys fixed it, we didn't recieve enough voltage. I think it was only our house, but I don't know. We had to stay like that for a whole day. The next morning, we issued a report and it was fixed... some time later. I had to suffer life as it is, without methods of entertainment... or, well, at least I had my cellphone to play sudoku.
Not only that, we were busy getting the necessary papers for the inscription and what-not, and a blackout like that halted our work greatly.

Last thing, I guess... sometime mid-July, my bro hired CableVision to replace our old Axtel ISP; this time, unlike every other time in the past, it's an internet-only plan. As a result, we can get a much, much better connection with less money. Right now I'm using a 4mbit connection! Four times what I used to have.
Of course though, all this comes with a price... I can't use it just as freely yet to download, but at least I'm able to navigate, upload and stream very smoothly now. Like it should be.

As for recent projects... those who've been following Music Hood (yes, none) may have noticed the complete site revival, which was a pretty heavy job for me. I managed to re-upload every single album that died during June-July! Ever since then, I've returned to the normal schedule, which is one upload a day. I hope I can mantain it at least during this month.
Since I finished all that work on Music Hood, I've wanted to focus on osu! yet again; you know, mapping, modding and what-not. Everyone thought I was back (since I did get online for some time starting this month) until the blackout thing occurred; I've been busy on other things ever since... but, besides that, I've been working on some offline maps; I hope I can release them by the end of the month!
I realize I can't focus on more than one thing at the time, but I hope this semester's schedule allows for at least one thing.

Man, it's impressive how I always manage to write so much about nothing. I really need to write here more often.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Compendium of all osu! offline beatmaps by me.

Uh... uhm. If you're here, then that means you clicked an old link, that needs to be updated.

Please, visit my new blog, if you wish to see a list of all my beatmaps.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Man, I haven't seen that guy Gens in a long time.

If you're a fellow osu! stalker (being on this blog is proof of it), then you may have wondering where the hell have I been these recent months. I guess there's no harm in a little explanation. I've already explained these points to a few people through PMs, though I might as well publish it here.

Well, I'll be honest. I'm on vacation now. This last semester was tough, but I managed to pass all 13 assignments with more than 90 (out of 100, that's much more than the average). It's not like I was lying when I said I had no time in April/May; I really was hell-busy on school matters. I went to my last day of the semester on June 7. Well then, what the hell have I been doing all this time?!

Tell you what... I've actually had a lot of time. Me and my brothers are now free of all school-related things, and are fully enjoying our relaxed vacations. It feels nice, after such a tough semester. But as such... there's a strong reason I haven't done anything osu!-related recently, and that reason is: The computer I use, I share it. I don't have a personal computer. It's always been like this.

Back then, a few years ago, I became super active in osu!, to the point I became BAT. This was because I wasn't studying at the time, and that gave me lots of time; my brothers had to go to school, leaving the computer for me to use. Whole days, sitting there. I enjoyed my time, I guess.
It's not like that anymore, though; now, my brothers and me, all want to use the computer. I guess it's just natural; in my house there isn't any other way to entertain yourself (we don't even have a TV! although who needs it when you can download your favorite shows). I can't just be a fat-ass to my brothers and reserve the computer all day, either; they're being nice letting me use it, so I will show the same kindness to them.

Being honest, lack of motivation has also been the reason (of course.). I've been using my time for other projects such as the revival of the Music Hood blog (which has been progressing incredibly smoothly), or personal projects such as beating games I've had pending for a long time. Besides that, I've been enjoying my time playing multiplayer games or watching shows along with my bros.
I've recently started watching other shows, like Game Center CX; pretty fun show! Makes me want to play games myself to prove I can beat x part without as many continues. Other animes I've started to watch are (as I mentioned in my last post) Hayate the Combat Butler, Nichijou and Panda Cafe. Hooray!

So yeah, there you go. You may now proceed to be angry with me because I haven't modded your map yet.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's wrong with moe culture these days? I'll tell you what.

I've always hated moe for some reason. Until some days ago, I couldn't realize why. But now I know. The main problem is that men, grown-ass men, watch moe anime and become obsessed with it. It's pretty obvious, really.
Men are practically throwing their manliness away with it, because the sole reason they watch it is because "they're cute". I've seen it happen a lot.

Think of it; if this was 1990~2000, and we saw a 20-year-old guy watching my little pony, a cartoon aimed at 6~10 year old girls, what would be the first thought on our minds? "Faggot." "What the hell is he watching?" "Why is he watching a girly cartoon, and not something like X-Men?".
This is now 2012, and we see the same guy watching the same show, what do we do? We raise our hand and say "Yo, brony!".
Really, that's screwed up. Sure, times change, but there's something terribly wrong here. It's like the recent approval of gay marriages in some countries. Society just doesn't care about sex roles anymore.

Really, watching a show just for the character design is just as bad as playing a game for its graphics; it happens a lot, too, and we should stop. I'm not saying every show should be analyzed in-depth by a professional to fully enjoy it, but you can't base your preferences over something so superficial, either. It's like you're a baby that can't understand speech yet, and just enjoy watching the characters move around.

I've also been trying to expand my preferences as of lately; for example, being a little bit more broad on the anime genre. Now that I'm in a vacation period, I've started to watch animes like Nichijou and Hayate the Combat Butler, which have art styles a little bit more inclined to "cuteness". Tell you what, I've been enjoying them, not because of the art style, but for the funny jokes they crack sometimes. I look forward to discovering more cartoons like these.
Sure, cuteness has its place; I've never said the contrary. But you can't keep feeding off the same thing every day. You can't create an anime based off pure cuteness and ignore other important aspects. Everything should be well-balanced.

I really can't stress it well enough; people shouldn't consume entertainment based on mere superficial skin. People should enjoy the actual content they give. That's why people don't read any books, because they don't have any illustrations on them. I would say... "don't read a manga based on its cover". Give it a go based on its literary aspect.

Man, I'm going to end up renaming this blog to "Gens' Rants".

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am involved in a romantic relationship.

Enough ranting? Okay, okay.

I know, it's sooo not like me, right. Like, when you think of "romantic guys", one doesn't think about me. I'm barely expressive with my emotions. Well, who said I couldn't have a crush?

It was all... kinda romantic. I've had a few crushes in the past, none of which succeeded, so I was feeling kinda down. I'm not the guy to be 'searching for a girlfriend' either (because, if you 'choose' one out of the bunch just to have a girl, I feel like there's nothing special there... and I also feel that's treating women like toys), you should know me. So well, nothing could fix it at the moment.

Then this friend is all like "Hey, wanna know something :3 This girl has a crush on you!" and I was all like :O
I didn't really expect it. I had a slight interest before in her, but not enough to start thinking about her all ruddy day and night. It's always been like, "yeah, she's cute; being with her as a couple isn't completely out of the question".

Naturally, if it didn't come from me (the initative to start a relationship I mean), I'm usually pretty quick to reject other people (I've had other 2 people confess to me; I'm the hot boy at school ;P), but it wasn't the case this time. I had this strange feeling, a feeling that told me that if I reject her I'd feel pretty stupid. I also had this feeling my friend wasn't lying to me, that this girl had a real thing on me, a feeling that I can't toy with her; that it's a very important decision. It made me think. I was trying to convince myself to reject her, trying to convince myself that I don't like her, because I think a relationship would only cause more problems at my age... but I couldn't for some reason. I figured I was genuinely interested in her.

I told my friend, and so, stuff happened. We're still being a little bit shy to each other, so we dated out of peer pressure of my other friends (which already knew all the details of this story). I don't regret it, in fact I'm happy I have friends like this (else nothing would have happened)... I feel happy when I'm with her. Everytime we hug, everytime we talk... I guess that's love for you. I sincerely hope we can grow old together. It might be just the idea, it might be teenage foolishness, but I don't give a... sheep. If it is, I'll learn from my mistakes... but it's too soon to call this a mistake.

Okay... well, I guess that's it. Nnfh, I'm not used to write my feelings, specially on a blog post. Oh well, I guess it's time to go back to the wacky me.

Hooray, I've had almost no time to do stuff in osu! because of this and school :D

Why do people keep mapping the same songs?

I first started osu! with a mindset like "ooh I hate anime, it's pretty stupid". I also used to call myself a 'gamer', "oh, I love videogames, I'm only going to map songs from videogames". I remained like that for a while, but then I opened myself to more variety; I realized I can't hate something if I don't really know it. So I watched One Piece and thought "hey, it isn't that bad".

What was that thing that made me hate anime in the first place, though? I mean, some animes are very interesting and fun to see.

It was the otaku fanbase, really. That, and the moe subculture. The huuuge amount of those two, is what I think is retarded.

Until today I haven't inclined the slightest bit to become, or call myself, an 'otaku'. Why? I realized having a closed mind for things like these is bad, very very bad. You shouldn't limit yourself to enjoy something just for a 'tag' you have on yourself; that's exactly what I did, and I was missing a whole new world of entertainment. I, since last year or so, have tried to keep an 'open mind' for new things.

It pisses me off to see a hardcore, all-out otaku, because all they can think of is anime. Anime is their life! They have anime-decorated backpacks, anime notebooks, anime wallpapers, anime figurines, anime music, anime everything! They just don't realize they can also like many other things, which makes me sad; they've been raised with the idea of liking anime, and anime only... the idea of 'anime is the best thing ever', so they don't want to leave it for anything. I understand people have different preferences and such, but I doubt it can naturally go that far. They've become obsessed with the idea.

Well, what I wanted to post about is this:
People on osu! are a huge mass of otakus. I like to believe there are a few people still with an open mind there, but the ones I've known, I can count them on one hand.
Otakus bring more otakus. They're like friggin' magnets. And so, since all these otakus think about is anime, all they map is anime. Well, let's keep an open mind... sure, okay, this IOSYS song is pretty cool, no reason to hate... and oh look, this map with an anime background also sounds pretty cool. Okay, so I enjoy the song, and the map, so that's neat. I'm glad someone mapped it.

Wait, someone else mapped it too?
Wait, there are other 3 versions mapped? And another 2 remixes of the same song?

...why would you do that?! It's like, all anime songs have been mapped, so what do we do now? Let's map them again! Seriously, I understand when you're not satisfied with the map and want to make a better version, but some cases make me think they don't even bother checking the other maps.

Why people? Why don't you open yourself to other genres too? Be more varied! You cannot (or at least you shouldn't) keep mapping the same stuff, over, and over, and over again! There are millions of songs all around the world, many of which haven't been mapped yet; it is possible you weren't satisfied with the other version (although, with nowadays' standards I find that doubtful), and I completely understand that, but you can also use that time to map something else, and create more song variety!

I've always tried to map variety; in my old wips I have from anime openings to english pop. It's not hard to keep an open mind, people just don't want to, and I just don't understand why. This is why otakus piss me off.

I feel like I want to rant even more about it, but I can't find the correct words to do it. I'll just leave this post like this.

Also... if by any chance you're an otaku and you read this, I'm sorry if I insulted you, it was not my intention. I've finally calmed down a bit, don't worry. :P

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Singing a song merely for the meaning of the lyrics is retarded.

Gens has spoken.

Most people just sing lyrics because they like the song, and want to follow it - it's merely like humming. Many artists don't care about the message they contain anyway! Some examples would be Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Gorillaz and many more. The artists just sing them to follow the melody, to use their voice and to give something to follow the song - one gets attached to the lyrics not because of its meaning, but because of the harmony they form along with the rest of the instruments.

I'm not saying that the meaning should be completely ignored, just saying that your focus shouldn't be solely on that. Some songs have meaningful, beautiful lyrics, but the meaning of those come from the writer or the artist, and you should recieve them; they shouldn't come from you! It gets extra retarded when you modify the lyrics to fit whatever your message is, without any knowledge of musical theory! If you have some message you wish to share, write your own song, letter or book - all the other forms of art have some way to express yourself, choose the one that suits you best!

I think that's enough of my rant.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay so there's an ass of beatmaps now.

So I got my connection back for a while. Whoopie. Who knows how long it'll last.

Seriously, I need to get a job.

But anyway, while I was offline I had plenty of time to map stuff. 11 songs, to be precise. I'm going to try to provide a small comment for each one:

3OH!3 - R.I.P. [Hard]

I've always liked this song, since the day Streets of Gold came out I think. The map was long overdue, since I had always thought of mapping it. 3OH!3 songs are just so mappable.
I wanted to try something different for difficulty settings this time, so I put a high OD, semi-slow AR and regular drain.


Yes, I can't believe I actually did another take to this song. Well, the peppymap isn't the best map ever, but it's become kind of a classic now, at least to me. Oh well, I don't particularly dislike how I mapped it! There's obviously some inspiration from the classic beatmap, but it isn't much.

CHEMISTRY meets m-flo - Now or Never [Insane]

Yes! This map was also long overdue, since it became another song I idolized back in the day... well, I still enjoy it. DxS, love me! Love me and all the non-overlapping streams I included in this! The other map sucks and you know it. :<
Also, yes, I totally should have cut the mp3 but I ended up not doing it for who knows what reason.

Susumu Hirasawa - High Minded Castle [Hard]

This song is oddly catchy. Well, it's Susumu so what do you expect! I tried to give this song a good jumpy flow, and I like playing it, even though I think it's because of the song.
I haxcut the mp3, by the way. Even though I'd like to play 5 minutes of this song it's too much to map it, it'd probably get a bit repetitive.

Susumu Hirasawa - On Line Malaysia [Hard]

Finish hitsounds galore! Yes, they might be a little bit overused but removing them just doesn't feel right anymore. I like the song more when it's played with the hitsounds now~ the beat of the original song sounds weak, and the finishes add what it really needed.

Susumu Hirasawa - Ride The Blue Limbo [Hard]

This is a somewhat slow song, so I can't do much with it. I tried to keep a steady, regular flow with this one, so it goes with the song; the difficulty turned out a bit easy though. :(

Susumu Hirasawa - SEH LE MAO [Hard]

I wonder what language Susumu Hirasawa uses on this song. It's not japanese, is it? It sounds kinda weird. But anyway, yes! Jumps, sliders and whatnot. I think this map really catches the flow of the song.

Two Door Cinema Club - Eat That Up, It's Good for You [Hard]

So yes, apparently I am doing the complete album for this as a project. These songs are just so mappable, even more than 3OH!3 songs.
I didn't borrow any mp3 or timing for this one, I did it completely offline. :D

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk [Insane]

So, if a song's vocal aren't very fast or 'active', but you want to map to them, what do you do? Use jumps! I'm sorry to say, but I was a little bit disappointed with the ranked map of this song; even though it's not of bad quality, I disliked how it didn't follow the lyrics at all. I had to do this version. I borrowed the timing and the mp3 from the other mapset, but not the background. I hope that doesn't count as stealing!

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work [Insane]

Non-overlapping streams, here we go. I specially like how this map plays in CtB, very jumpy and challenging~

Two Door Cinema Club - You're Not Stubborn [Hard]

This started as a guest difficulty for Kiddo's map, but his mapset was full and he got it ranked before I uploaded it, so I cried. Now it's complete!

That should be it for new beatmaps, however, I updated the other 2 maps I had uploaded:

Hyadain feat. Disukun Seizin - Riamitte Konna Mon Dakke [Hard]

The map didn't look much like a Hard, it looked more like an Insane with those jumps! I reduced some of them though not all, as to not destroy the patterns completely.

Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn [Insane]

Nothing big here, just added tags and rearranged some beats here and there. It should still play the same way~

I've become addicted to my own maps recently, specially Undercover Martyn - look, I got an S after around 500+ tries! Too bad that was before the update. God help me :(

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New One-Difficulty Beatmap: Hyadain feat. Disukun Seizin - Riamitte Konna Mon Dakke [Hard]


Yeah, I guess this is going to be my first upload like this. It's a pretty catchy song by Hyadain which you can listen to here. I got introduced to it thanks to DxS, and even though it didn't seem as catchy at first it got to me.

Interesting things in this: I used my newfound ability to hax-cut mp3s to make it just three minutes long. No fadeouts!
Also, I did something fun with the combo colors, you'll spot it right away.

New Project: Making something out of all my osu! WiPs

So it was WiP cleaning time, and there's like a lot of stuff I like in it so, instead of all of it going to waste I thought of making use of it. I've enjoyed mapping all of this and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did!

One step at a time though; obviously, a project like this can't be done all in one shot. I've decided to finish and polish at least one difficulty in every set, for it to be at least playable. It should be the same quality as if it were for ranking, except I'm just doing one difficulty (Hard/Insane, and in rare cases Normal), and I'm not limited by ranking standards (so screw backgrounds). Of course, if I ever get my other maps ranked I'll push one of these for ranking with a full mapset and all, but I think this is a good way to spread them out in the meantime. I will be uploading beatmaps to mediafire regularly and posting them here.

I had an idea like this a long time ago, using the graveyarded slots in my osu! profile. The graveyard functionality was slowly dying out though; downloads were disabled and they were being deleted bit by bit, so I decided to just delete them all and have a tidy graveyard in my profile. I'll just put these one-difficulty beatmaps in my userpage and live with it, hoping that someone gives them attention.

So yeah. I think it's a noble project at least. It's a good way to make use of all the hours I've spent mapping for fun.

02/12: I'm back!

I didn't really saw it coming this time but the month hiatus should now be over!

...although, well, the next month is about to start, so...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A little bit of ranting about my osu! activity.

Sigh. I keep telling my friends (and people I know) that I feel like I'm not doing justice to my title as BAT in osu!. There are many people that want the position I currently have, and what am I doing with it? Not much, not as much as they currently do. Sure, I was pretty active back in the day, so... that's what got me promoted in the first place. I was longing for this position ever since I got into mapping: "Wouldn't it be cool to be one of those people who rank the maps? I wish I could be one", but seeing myself right now would ashame the previous me.

I have this thing of being grateful to many things, to the point of trying to 'repay' the favor people have done for me. For example, back when I was 11~12 I used to download lots of PSX ISOs and burn them. Tons of them. As the process seemed relatively easy, I tried reuploading those ISOs, creating more mirrors and such at SnesOrama. Well, you could say I did my part, although my post formatting and my grammar were quite horrible back then.

As osu! was the game I had a fantasy of playing waaay back when I played Ouendan and EBA ("damn, there aren't enough songs, I wish I could create my own, that would be totally rad"), osu! used to have my attention 24/7. I was practically obsessed with it. Mapping, playing and modding, that's all I did (I used to call myself a "mapping machine"), and the fact that I wasn't studying at the time made things worse. Being grateful to the wonderful community that have given me so many mods and maps, I tried to mod and do my part. It was since then that I slowly got more deeper and deeper inside the community, which I didn't realize until one day everyone highlighted me when I got online. I enjoyed those days, although I didn't really understand why people thought I was (or am) 'awesome'; I'm far more awesome than my previous me now!

osu!, even though being a game, has greatly helped me with many things like, among others, my understanding of music and my english skills. God, I don't want to look up my first posts. My family and friends consider being in osu! a waste, but I strongly disagree - I have enjoyed osu! these four years and I will still enjoy is as much as I can.

peppy is a man I deeply respect for, among other things, his knowledge of coding (which I've always wanted to master in some way) and for putting up with the community many times, still being the head of the project. I am deeply grateful to him for making this awesome game, but I sometimes feel like I've been nothing more than a burden. Checking with facts, I know this isn't the case, but well, when checking the facts I feel like I haven't contributed as much as I should. Both of the feelings really aren't right, and I wish I could fix them. I wish I could erase the moments off time when I bothered peppy for nothing back then.

Why am I not doing anything then? I've got too many things on my hands now (like side projects and school), and even then I use my free time in other things I feel like doing at the time, like watching shows or playing games; seeing how I'm not obsessed with osu! anymore, my motivation has been lacking. As much as I hate saying this, I don't like the idea of stressing myself with osu!, forcing myself to do stuff in there. That doesn't sound very healthy, and it'd probably feel horrible. I still have the plan of "mod at least one map per day", but I haven't been able to keep it for many days. I will keep trying though!

Thanks for reading, I guess.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

School hit me in the face.

I was all like "Oh I still have half a month of vacations" but then I recieve a notificacion "Where the hell are you?!?!" from one of my friends.

I was like "Oh crap."

I skipped three days of school.

That's the end of this story.

So yeah, not going to be as active as before, I guess.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

UltraStar Deluxe is genius!

The software is pretty well built, and it's pretty fun to sing along your favorite songs~ Well, I like music, I guess it's just natural right? I hate my voice though.

Oh, I also hate how I've become more oriented to the eastern culture now. Most of the songs transcripted to Ultrastar are from the West culture. Not to worry though - I'm working on my own songs! Starting from Susumu Hirasawa because he needs to be more popular.

With every rhythm game simulator comes simfiles that are all over the place, with no quality standards or anything. That's what sucks about this. It isn't as horrible as the DTX days, but still...

Whenever I get a song done, I'll post it here. My guess is that I'll be doing mostly japanese stuff, though.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Penumbra: Overture - some thoughts

I recently finished this game, while checking it out of pure curiosity thanks to Cr1Tikal. Just thought I should post some thoughts on the game.

Rather than an adventure/exploration game I felt it as an "interactive... novel/movie". The story was very well-developed, but it didn't have that aspect I'd call of a game. Surely, as a survival horror game it made me bump out of my chair a few times, but it didn't really get me going as a game.

There was a lot of text, not that I'm complaining, but I think that interrupted the flow of the game at times. The controls were kind of clumsy at times, and the animations were cheesy, for example, the death animation. It had well planned scenarios and everything else though.

Something I did like was that there were very few scripted scenes, and you never really saw Phillips' face; it may have been a developing obstacle where they just decided to not draw Phillip's face, but rather than using a badly drawn face they decided to not draw the face at all. That's nice! With that, everything that happened to Phillip you felt it happened to you. That's nice too!

I wouldn't really recommend it to someone unless they're into this kind of thing. If you're looking for an interesting story, this is worth checking out.

I am starting the second game now. I hope it's better than the first one!