Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm not the winner.

It's been some time since I last updated... there may have been a few things worth noting in this blog, but meh, who cares. I got a big one now.

So there's this contest in the school my brothers are going, about designing the anniversary logo. The school's always done it, and they've always said that the previous logos were fugly, so they were thinking of entering. Of course, I can't enter because I'm not in that level yet. I did participate a bit though.

My bro and sis were entering, and that meant they were rivals for the contest at least. I took a neutral position and tried to help them both, but I think I ended up helping my sis only. My bro did a completely original logo, and I collaborated with my sis to do hers. What can I say, I'm starting to like graphic design. :P

Yesterday was the showdown. The most voted logo was going to get $3,000.00MX, and the judges' pick $3,150.00MX (which would equal to around $300US, and that may not look like much to you guys :<) , if I remember correctly. Most unexpectedly...

My bro got both prizes.

They told me it was the first time ever that both prizes coincided. I was like ":(", and at the same time ":D". My sis obviously felt down all the time yesterday for that, I feel kinda sorry for her. :P
Of course, I was expecting for them to win, since no other person there knows how to creatively design, it seems. Kind of an easy contest, I'm sure he'd say. Kind of a surprise for my bro to get both though.

My bro still has the prize money. What will he use it for?! Same channel, next week, tune in for more info!

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