Sunday, July 10, 2011

School update.

It's time. Tomorrow evening, I will have to embark on the wildest adventure yet: taking classes in school. I can't believe it! This year's been so much (not) fun. It certainly is refreshing too.

I'd say 'I won't have as much time as I used to' but I wasn't doing much in the first place, so.

Oh and also, I won't share albums in this blog anymore.

Besides that I have not much to update... my computer is still running crappy as hell, I have been addicted to TF2, I am playing Parasite Eve and Mother1+2 too, just on a less regular basis and...

Oh yeah, I caught up in One Piece. 20 episodes a day was a bit painful but it was worth it. Having the normal pace of one episode per week is much better.

Yep... let's see how things turn out tomorrow.

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