Sunday, July 24, 2011

And two weeks later...

Hey, I actually understand why I must go to school now, so I'm doing my best there. I either matured way too early or I skipped way too much school time. I don't particularly feel like 'the big guy in class' though.

Just for that though, I've been paying more attention to school... or well, more attention than what I used to give. I haven't really been doing much, neither in osu! or TF2. I'm getting a mini-vacation of 2 weeks though, so that'll help me a bit.

Nothing particularly interesting is happening besides that. I've been uploading content for my music blog, I've been tagging music, yeah, the usual stuff.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

School update.

It's time. Tomorrow evening, I will have to embark on the wildest adventure yet: taking classes in school. I can't believe it! This year's been so much (not) fun. It certainly is refreshing too.

I'd say 'I won't have as much time as I used to' but I wasn't doing much in the first place, so.

Oh and also, I won't share albums in this blog anymore.

Besides that I have not much to update... my computer is still running crappy as hell, I have been addicted to TF2, I am playing Parasite Eve and Mother1+2 too, just on a less regular basis and...

Oh yeah, I caught up in One Piece. 20 episodes a day was a bit painful but it was worth it. Having the normal pace of one episode per week is much better.

Yep... let's see how things turn out tomorrow.