Saturday, June 18, 2011

I finally found MazeMaker.

ALL THESE YEARS. I've been trying to find this stinkin program for nostalgia and awesomeness, but it was pretty hard. Just considering the game in itself doesn't seem to have any real webpage, let alone a company (even though the guy that created this wanted you to pay $15 by, you know, the traditional mail method), I was pretty lucky. I guess I should share it here.

MazeMaker is -guess what- a maze game. It has the capability of generating custom mazes by specifying width, height, and other parameters, and it automatically generates a maze specific to a day called 'Maze of the Day' (and I think there are more like 'maze of the month' and 'maze of the year', not sure how to select them though). It can be controlled by the cursor and by the keyboard, the cursor leaves breadcrumbs, and it won't let you pass through a wall (making a kinda funny effect with the mouse). It has a very simple interface, with a purple background and yellow-ish paths (strange though, I remember the background green!).

Probably the scariest feature of this one are the floors. Even though you can still play good ol' single floor mazes, most of what is auto generated has at least two floors.
Floors are basically that. There are arrows scattered over all paths, and if you click one, you can go either one floor up or down, depending if the arrow is pointing up or down. The other floors obviously have more paths, and it becomes another element of puzzle entirely. It can become pretty hard with four floors or above (I'm having a hard time with two floors only!).

The software is 'shareware' and a trial for three weeks, although, if I remember correctly, the trial is fake, letting you play more 'just because I'm nice'. The program could be updated to not do that anymore though. Also, the program, despite being from 1992, still runs fine in Windows 7, at least for me.

Download link:
I was planning to link to an official download page but there doesn't seem to exist anything like that.

The memories. Oh, how much time I used to spend with this, while listening to my favorite music, using my older-than-ass white computer.

There, now I have to find a cd iso called 101 games, wish me luck.

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