Saturday, June 11, 2011

Being productive while not being productive.

You know, missing a whole year of study makes you think... specially if you're closed in your house and you have nothing else to entertain yourself other than a computer. Oh yes, that also makes you fat. I haven't become incredibly fat yet though, my belly just grew a bit.

With that, I haven't really reserved time to take care of things like this blog (although I still wonder who reads it) or my osu! profile. Almost all the time though, I try to either catch up on any anime I'm currently watching (that would be One Piece, anime which I saw 22 episodes yesterday), or finish any game I have pending. I also clear my mod queue and polish my maps from time to time, although not as frequently now. Least regularly, I read Photoshop CS5 for dummies when I'm bored and have nothing else to do.
I try to avoid loafing around doing nothing, like surfing the web or rewatching youtube videos. With all this lost time I feel a little guilt, so I'm trying to make up, that's all. I know it will be lost time forever, but at least I'm enjoying it. :P

For the boring part now, I finished Minish Cap some days ago. Not 100% because I thought I couldn't do that without defeating Vaati first (I mean, what purpose is there in getting the strongest weapon if you're not going to use it?), but I was wrong it seems. Ah, whatever, I still wish that game had a New Game plus option.
It wasn't a bad game, not bad at all. It felt fun for what it's worth, and all that. Capcom's Zeldas are always like this after all~

I am on the CP9 saga in One Piece and, like I told you, have done incredible progress on it these 3 days. To be precise, I am starting Season 8, in episode 264 (I'm not even near half?!). I swear I don't care about the past of people and all those memories, I just want to see how Lucci's ass is kicked, dammit. And I swear that's the most slow progressing anime I've seen.

And last, I am watching Densha Otoko. The Soundtrack is :O. I am tempted to map Twilight now. That, or Mochi Tsuke Ore.
The drama is so low budget it hurts. It's fun though, to see how Yamada messes up everything all the time.

Hm, right now I'm getting ready to upload beatmap packs of my maps (I know DxS, I know), though I still wonder if I should upload something else like anime this time~

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