Saturday, April 23, 2011

Forgotten, pretty much.

Hey, that's right, I had a blog about every boring thing I do for all your stalking needs. I have lots of updates, mainly for losing my internet connection during two weeks.

- I was (and partially, still am) interested in learning any coding language, so during my boring period I read some pages of the books 'Learning Python' and 'Learning PHP, MySQL and Javascript'. It isn't complicated at all, but I just got bored over time and decided to do something else. I definitely should pick it up soon though, what else am I going to do in my life, play videogames?!

- I finished Warioland 4 again. Pretty fun game. Nothing interesting to note here, except I did it in 3 days. It's kind of a short game though.

- I found an exploit in Minecraft, and added myself 20 stacks of 64 blocks of diamond! I didn't have to use any kind of external tool or anything, I just found it because my curiosity kicked in.
It also was partially because I kind of broke my world by restarting without pausing in minecraft because I had started a forestal fire (I don't want to lose all those trees!), and, as a way to restore my world, moved all the territory to a new world. I lost everything I had in hand though, as well as my armor, which started to give me curiosity as to how minecraft works.
With all of this, it's kind of less fun playing minecraft. I guess all that's left is to build stuff, like a city, floating island or something.

- I have a huge-ass list of downloads. And the next bill is due this month. I am mostly preparing, since it will probably not be paid this month either. Will I be able to download 10Gb of data in 7 days?!
It was wrong for me to not have foreseen the connection cut last month... the punishment of that is hours of boringness. I am not doing the same mistake though!

- During that time, I completed the amazing amount of 2 mapsets. I don't ever remember having more than one mapset complete in pending, which is why having 3 is an amazing feat.
Oh, and I need to practice for the CtB tournament DxS dragged me in.

- With the new video card I've been able to play many more games other than osu!; for example, games like 'Elasto Mania' or 'Peggle Deluxe', not to mention being able to emulate the nintendo 64 once again. I wish I had a gamepad though.

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