Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little project with a worksheet

In the whole month I had no connection, I realized I needed something to keep me entertained on something, besides playing old ROMs. That was when the idea of creating a database of all the games sprouted of a random conversation, so I said "I have nothing to do so let's get on with it".
I had my bro help me give ideas and such, and I started it in a blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel. As I kept inserting data, the more interesting it looked, with my bro telling me to do graphs and things like that. I never used Excel before so it was pretty entertaining.

Since I started the project mid-January, I now have a good chunk of it done; at least I know the game list is done. You can now see how much of a pirate I am! Take a look at it here (you'll need Excel 2007 or higher but I wonder why would someone keep using older versions).

I also plan to eventually create databases for Anime/Cartoons and Music, so I'll most probably post them here when they're done.

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