Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little project with a worksheet

In the whole month I had no connection, I realized I needed something to keep me entertained on something, besides playing old ROMs. That was when the idea of creating a database of all the games sprouted of a random conversation, so I said "I have nothing to do so let's get on with it".
I had my bro help me give ideas and such, and I started it in a blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel. As I kept inserting data, the more interesting it looked, with my bro telling me to do graphs and things like that. I never used Excel before so it was pretty entertaining.

Since I started the project mid-January, I now have a good chunk of it done; at least I know the game list is done. You can now see how much of a pirate I am! Take a look at it here (you'll need Excel 2007 or higher but I wonder why would someone keep using older versions).

I also plan to eventually create databases for Anime/Cartoons and Music, so I'll most probably post them here when they're done.


Whenever I predict a downtime it happens two weeks later and for only one week, and when I don't it happens for a whole month. Damnit.
Good thing is, my family got a new phone service (and thus, new line and new ISP). After two days of trying it out, I have concluded it's way better than my previous ISP, since the speed is now constant and I haven't experienced a single disconnection yet. The only two things that bother me are that this connection can't multitask very well (JDownloader takes all the bandwidth, need to reduce it so it can share) and the router configuration is locked and requires a password. This new ISP uses a WiMAX antenna and it's Axtel, if anyone cares.

One month without internet sure is boring.