Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gens II: the BAT Returns (now more delicious than ever!)

Nwaha. I got my old connection back, AND it's winter break now so that means lots of time wasting on this computer. It's so hard to catch up though! I don't even remember what I used to do before I lost my connection. I guess I better start catching up in osu! first.

As for things I've done lately... not much. One of the few things to notice, I started to manage my own osu! media database, currently with a listing of all the beatmaps I've done so far. It's made my beatmap life easier, to say the least ("which map should I work on now? I know, let's filter all the ranked beatmaps and all the drafts away"), but the usefulness of it is still doubtful.

I've had fun playing N64 on this computer, among other games I've been playing Paper Mario, Perfect Dark and Smash Bros. 64. The emulation on this computer is so smooth! I wish I had a better GPU so I could play at least simple Gamecube games though (I can run Dolphin, but the framerate is ew sometimes).

I've been trying to consolidate even further my online presence, doing things like publishing a more recent photo of me, or using a drawing of me as my avatar (ain't that the coolest thing ever; thanks Lichatte!). I don't know if I should use my facebook account more often, since I feel like I'm wasting my time I could be using on osu!, but if I ever wanted to have an account to profile myself that'd have to be it.

Shows I've been watching? Hmm... oh, during this two month hiatus I've had fun watching IT Crowd all over again, just can't get tired of it. I've also started to watch Dragon Ball Z I don't know why. Besides that, the usual stuff: Psych, The Mentalist and Detective Conan are the series I've been frequenting.

My music library keeps growing ever bigger. I know I haven't had connection lately, but ever since I could connect to that mysterious unprotected network I've been downloading music like a madman for some reason, and I probably will keep doing it for a while. I had a list of what I wanted to download, so yeah. Don't think I just download it for it to be there, though! During this hiatus I've also listened to more Susumu Hirasawa albums, of course, or also stuff like IOSYS is worth a listen.

With all the free time I've had I've also tried to organize my stuff as much as possible, although that's a project I've had for like a year now, and I don't see it finishing it anytime soon. It's more like a project for life. I'm currently running through my Atari games library, and even though I probably won't play them again anymore, I want to have a worthwhile list of atari games instead of the whole romset consisting of clones and garbage. It's been interesting to see each and every game of the atari, at least.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'll try to update this thing more often, but no guarantee.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Longest hiatus ever!

Just thought I should drop by to tell you all why I haven't done a single thing over the past month: I have no internet connection! If you know me this should be routine, although you might be wondering why so much time offline. The only excuse I (we) have is that my next semester is coming up, and I seriously can't give more priority to the phone bill.

That's it I guess. I have been working on stuff offline, nothing particularly special though. I'll let you in on details once I get back... if I ever do.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Takahashi Meijin - Star Soldier -Soul of the 16 Shot- ranked!

It was a veeery long time since its inception before it could get ranked. Phew. I'm glad it finally was though.

Even then, it hurts to see how it's just getting ignored in comparison with other maps. :(

Mediafire Mirror:

Oh and yes, I got a new computer. But who cares. This is more interesting!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm not the winner.

It's been some time since I last updated... there may have been a few things worth noting in this blog, but meh, who cares. I got a big one now.

So there's this contest in the school my brothers are going, about designing the anniversary logo. The school's always done it, and they've always said that the previous logos were fugly, so they were thinking of entering. Of course, I can't enter because I'm not in that level yet. I did participate a bit though.

My bro and sis were entering, and that meant they were rivals for the contest at least. I took a neutral position and tried to help them both, but I think I ended up helping my sis only. My bro did a completely original logo, and I collaborated with my sis to do hers. What can I say, I'm starting to like graphic design. :P

Yesterday was the showdown. The most voted logo was going to get $3,000.00MX, and the judges' pick $3,150.00MX (which would equal to around $300US, and that may not look like much to you guys :<) , if I remember correctly. Most unexpectedly...

My bro got both prizes.

They told me it was the first time ever that both prizes coincided. I was like ":(", and at the same time ":D". My sis obviously felt down all the time yesterday for that, I feel kinda sorry for her. :P
Of course, I was expecting for them to win, since no other person there knows how to creatively design, it seems. Kind of an easy contest, I'm sure he'd say. Kind of a surprise for my bro to get both though.

My bro still has the prize money. What will he use it for?! Same channel, next week, tune in for more info!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

And two weeks later...

Hey, I actually understand why I must go to school now, so I'm doing my best there. I either matured way too early or I skipped way too much school time. I don't particularly feel like 'the big guy in class' though.

Just for that though, I've been paying more attention to school... or well, more attention than what I used to give. I haven't really been doing much, neither in osu! or TF2. I'm getting a mini-vacation of 2 weeks though, so that'll help me a bit.

Nothing particularly interesting is happening besides that. I've been uploading content for my music blog, I've been tagging music, yeah, the usual stuff.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

School update.

It's time. Tomorrow evening, I will have to embark on the wildest adventure yet: taking classes in school. I can't believe it! This year's been so much (not) fun. It certainly is refreshing too.

I'd say 'I won't have as much time as I used to' but I wasn't doing much in the first place, so.

Oh and also, I won't share albums in this blog anymore.

Besides that I have not much to update... my computer is still running crappy as hell, I have been addicted to TF2, I am playing Parasite Eve and Mother1+2 too, just on a less regular basis and...

Oh yeah, I caught up in One Piece. 20 episodes a day was a bit painful but it was worth it. Having the normal pace of one episode per week is much better.

Yep... let's see how things turn out tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A self-proclaimed artist's blog

Yeah, just thought I should promote her a bit. My sister just started a new tumblr to show around all the drawings she does; you have no idea how many of them actually are! This was needed, really. I don't know for how long she will actually keep updating it, though. If you have seen my sis' drawings (in the osu! fanart thread for example), you might be interested.

You can check it out here. It was just started yesterday so of course there's not much.

I do hope she starts getting some more presence over here.

I am going to get cut!!

Even though I've enjoyed this whole year up to some extent, the time for me to get busy is nearing. Oh yes, it's nearing. It's going to be satisfying to feel useful after being useless for so much time. Besides that, this time I think I'm going to get cut by the end of this month, so I will start to have some offline fun.

Even then, I have a full warehouse of anime episodes I have left to watch so I'm going to be fine (plus I will finally be able to catch up in OP!). It's still going to get boring after some time though, without being able to play TF2 for example.

Speaking of which, I've been spending way too much time on TF2, now that it's free to play. I like to be productive but oooh, it's just too addictive! The fun I couldn't have, all these years came for free! I am not going to mention my poor performance (as in, both my computer with low framerate and how much I suck) though.

I guess that's it for the update, let's see what happens from now on.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I finally found MazeMaker.

ALL THESE YEARS. I've been trying to find this stinkin program for nostalgia and awesomeness, but it was pretty hard. Just considering the game in itself doesn't seem to have any real webpage, let alone a company (even though the guy that created this wanted you to pay $15 by, you know, the traditional mail method), I was pretty lucky. I guess I should share it here.

MazeMaker is -guess what- a maze game. It has the capability of generating custom mazes by specifying width, height, and other parameters, and it automatically generates a maze specific to a day called 'Maze of the Day' (and I think there are more like 'maze of the month' and 'maze of the year', not sure how to select them though). It can be controlled by the cursor and by the keyboard, the cursor leaves breadcrumbs, and it won't let you pass through a wall (making a kinda funny effect with the mouse). It has a very simple interface, with a purple background and yellow-ish paths (strange though, I remember the background green!).

Probably the scariest feature of this one are the floors. Even though you can still play good ol' single floor mazes, most of what is auto generated has at least two floors.
Floors are basically that. There are arrows scattered over all paths, and if you click one, you can go either one floor up or down, depending if the arrow is pointing up or down. The other floors obviously have more paths, and it becomes another element of puzzle entirely. It can become pretty hard with four floors or above (I'm having a hard time with two floors only!).

The software is 'shareware' and a trial for three weeks, although, if I remember correctly, the trial is fake, letting you play more 'just because I'm nice'. The program could be updated to not do that anymore though. Also, the program, despite being from 1992, still runs fine in Windows 7, at least for me.

Download link:
I was planning to link to an official download page but there doesn't seem to exist anything like that.

The memories. Oh, how much time I used to spend with this, while listening to my favorite music, using my older-than-ass white computer.

There, now I have to find a cd iso called 101 games, wish me luck.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This post is your one-stop shop for all your Gens beatmap needs.

Yeah, I was thinking I should do a backup of all my beatmaps, in a place where the stuff is more queueable and bulk-downloadable, and so I thought of doing packs. I know DxS already made a pack about me though, and having most of the songs duplicated in both packs is a little bit... useless. So I went ahead and uploaded every single osz manually to mediafire (including guest difficulties!), and added them as mirror links on each beatmap thread OP. The main purpose it's being a backup though, I just thought adding them as mirrors might be more effective.

Also, I will go ahead and dump all the download links here for handyness.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two new ranked maps!

Yep. I'm glad they're both finally ranked. I still need more and more and more though.

This time, I wasn't as happy with CHEVRON, mainly because I had originally planned to have two difficulties. It's not like I'm unhappy either, the Hard I pulled out isn't that bad. I actually had put all I have in my Normal, maybe that's why.

I Can Do Anything needed to be ranked badly. I also thought inside me the choruses were so tits it hurts. I was happy with it overall, maybe not with Normal or Easy but with Hard I was.

So yeah. My next ranked map will probably be Star Soldier, or at least I hope so. That's the one I'll be pushing for ranking this time. Right now I'll be working on Susumu Hirasawa - Pacific Rim Imitation Network, and then Brief & Trunks - Konbini. Dammit, I still have too many maps to work on!

Mirror links (just in case):
3OH!3 - I Can Do Anything
Susumu Hirasawa - CHEVRON

Also, as a side note, I really should get around to post a full WiP list from me, so people are amazed at how many things I want to map.

Being productive while not being productive.

You know, missing a whole year of study makes you think... specially if you're closed in your house and you have nothing else to entertain yourself other than a computer. Oh yes, that also makes you fat. I haven't become incredibly fat yet though, my belly just grew a bit.

With that, I haven't really reserved time to take care of things like this blog (although I still wonder who reads it) or my osu! profile. Almost all the time though, I try to either catch up on any anime I'm currently watching (that would be One Piece, anime which I saw 22 episodes yesterday), or finish any game I have pending. I also clear my mod queue and polish my maps from time to time, although not as frequently now. Least regularly, I read Photoshop CS5 for dummies when I'm bored and have nothing else to do.
I try to avoid loafing around doing nothing, like surfing the web or rewatching youtube videos. With all this lost time I feel a little guilt, so I'm trying to make up, that's all. I know it will be lost time forever, but at least I'm enjoying it. :P

For the boring part now, I finished Minish Cap some days ago. Not 100% because I thought I couldn't do that without defeating Vaati first (I mean, what purpose is there in getting the strongest weapon if you're not going to use it?), but I was wrong it seems. Ah, whatever, I still wish that game had a New Game plus option.
It wasn't a bad game, not bad at all. It felt fun for what it's worth, and all that. Capcom's Zeldas are always like this after all~

I am on the CP9 saga in One Piece and, like I told you, have done incredible progress on it these 3 days. To be precise, I am starting Season 8, in episode 264 (I'm not even near half?!). I swear I don't care about the past of people and all those memories, I just want to see how Lucci's ass is kicked, dammit. And I swear that's the most slow progressing anime I've seen.

And last, I am watching Densha Otoko. The Soundtrack is :O. I am tempted to map Twilight now. That, or Mochi Tsuke Ore.
The drama is so low budget it hurts. It's fun though, to see how Yamada messes up everything all the time.

Hm, right now I'm getting ready to upload beatmap packs of my maps (I know DxS, I know), though I still wonder if I should upload something else like anime this time~

Friday, May 20, 2011

I got some new gear.

Well, practically, I have been using them for like a week now but I forgot to blog about it.

My brother bought a gamepad and a much-needed mouse, both Genius. Damn, I swear sometime soon I won't stop using Genius hardware. I just hope they last as long as my last gamepad.

This' all, it's not very exciting so I won't bore you describing every inch of the gamepad and mouse.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My online spreadsheet is now outdated.

Yeah, you know what? I realized it's not really worth it to keep that spreadsheet online at all times. Even though it has a good purpose - being shared and all, nobody really cares except me, so. Then why will I keep it updated online, you ask? I don't know! I feel like it's a record of all the non-important achievements I've done in my life.

I'll switch back to keeping it offline. It's much faster and far more customizable, not to mention I'll be able to update it while having no connection (which reminds me, it's very soon!).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japanese video of the day.

Japanese commercials always are like this.

I also had the idea of replacing the SpongeBob toys with Gabe Newell toys. That idea is gold. Shame I don't know how to YTP.

Game Updates.

My brother finished Portal 2 yesterday; man, that was a freaky trip. I also like Want You Gone more than Still Alive, but I guess that's just because I've heard Still Alive too many times. Maybe I should replay it, even though it wouldn't be the same now that I know most puzzles' answers. Maybe I should play another Source game from Valve, like Half-Life 2 or something.
Well, I was surprised it was able to run in my piece of crap I use as a computer, so I'm guessing it can run other things just as fine too.

I also started playing Plants vs. Zombies (again) yesterday, here we go.

I'm currently deciding whether or not keep downloading games, since I feel like I've downloaded too many. In one side, I'd like to have a gallery of good games, but on the other side, I don't want to bloat the HDD with every game that gets within my sight. I could wait until I get a new computer or HDD, but... when is that coming, if ever???
I currently have in mind games like LEGO Indiana Jones or Trackmania, though they weigh 1GB each. Wish I had more ideas.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cr1tikal is my idol.

See for yourself.

Just posting for anyone who hasn't seen this.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Incredible tutorial \o/

It's in spanish, but it also has bits of international language (the screams).

Forgotten, pretty much.

Hey, that's right, I had a blog about every boring thing I do for all your stalking needs. I have lots of updates, mainly for losing my internet connection during two weeks.

- I was (and partially, still am) interested in learning any coding language, so during my boring period I read some pages of the books 'Learning Python' and 'Learning PHP, MySQL and Javascript'. It isn't complicated at all, but I just got bored over time and decided to do something else. I definitely should pick it up soon though, what else am I going to do in my life, play videogames?!

- I finished Warioland 4 again. Pretty fun game. Nothing interesting to note here, except I did it in 3 days. It's kind of a short game though.

- I found an exploit in Minecraft, and added myself 20 stacks of 64 blocks of diamond! I didn't have to use any kind of external tool or anything, I just found it because my curiosity kicked in.
It also was partially because I kind of broke my world by restarting without pausing in minecraft because I had started a forestal fire (I don't want to lose all those trees!), and, as a way to restore my world, moved all the territory to a new world. I lost everything I had in hand though, as well as my armor, which started to give me curiosity as to how minecraft works.
With all of this, it's kind of less fun playing minecraft. I guess all that's left is to build stuff, like a city, floating island or something.

- I have a huge-ass list of downloads. And the next bill is due this month. I am mostly preparing, since it will probably not be paid this month either. Will I be able to download 10Gb of data in 7 days?!
It was wrong for me to not have foreseen the connection cut last month... the punishment of that is hours of boringness. I am not doing the same mistake though!

- During that time, I completed the amazing amount of 2 mapsets. I don't ever remember having more than one mapset complete in pending, which is why having 3 is an amazing feat.
Oh, and I need to practice for the CtB tournament DxS dragged me in.

- With the new video card I've been able to play many more games other than osu!; for example, games like 'Elasto Mania' or 'Peggle Deluxe', not to mention being able to emulate the nintendo 64 once again. I wish I had a gamepad though.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Minecrafting is so addictive. Even if the game's about nothing at all, it's still so addictive.

I wish it had even more features though.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hell yes.

I finally got hold of a new video card. Let's rock.

Even better, look at the beautiful day this is. This is great.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So now, without being able to pleasantly play emulators, I've been at loss of what to do. I could try watching anime (although I already watched lots of it), watch a movie (although I don't really have the environment to do that; I get kicked out of the computer very frequently), listening to music (although I like being productive), read a book (this is what would benefit me the most), or organize the data in my computer.

I guess I just kind of have to wait for it.

I think I said too much.

I definitely said too much.

Friday, March 11, 2011

New headset!

My brother bought a new headset yesterday, since my other earphones died long ago. This is lovely.

It's not a super top-quality one though. It was $70MX (equivalent to $7US) for them, and while the headphones work correctly, the microphone isn't as loud as it should be, which totally sucks. But hey, it's better than listening to my stuff with the speakers alone... in the living room.
I wanted to record myself speaking though. I still can do it, but I haven't installed Adobe Audition or anything like that yet.

The headset was made by a chinese company called San-Xin. You cannot expect something good from a company like this, right?

I like these headphones, I hope they don't break soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I just changed to Windows 7.

My brother took a stab tonight to get it installed, since it couldn't have been as simple as you may think; the disc drive isn't working properly for DVD's anymore and for some reason the USB boot thing didn't appear in the BIOS. Some magic happened and he put it to work.

Of course, I wasn't sure if this was a good idea given this computer's quality and status, but the computer doesn't seem to struggle as much as I thought it would. Of course, I have yet to move all of my files to the internal disk... and yet, although some quirks from the previous installation disappeared (and scrolling overall is smoother...?), I still have the crappy hardware that makes me wish for a new computer, so it doesn't feel as good. Even worse, I cannot play any of the Windows games because they're Hardware-accelerated. Goddamn, I want to play solitaire at a decent speed; not to mention all of my emulators don't run at the same speed.

I am still at the edge of reverting to normal Windows XP. I just think it doesn't fit Billy at the moment. That, or now I need a new computer more than ever.

...yes, my computer's name is Billy.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Google Documents

Took me long enough.
The only thing I don't like about this is that my pie charts weren't converted at all. I'll have to either recreate them from scratch or leave it like that.

Day by day I get more interested in all of Google's products and services, which I guess it's a good thing. I'll be sure to check the remaining services later.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's time to show off.

You remember the 'databases' project I've been taking on since the last month? Well, I guess it's time I let the lurkers look what I have so far.

The databases are nowhere near complete, mind that. I am working on them bit by bit, even though I have no time restrictions; I just find it too dull to work on them all day. I do get carried away sometimes, but not every day.

The worksheets I've created are so far these:

They are a bit messy, but I've been eager to show what I have. Here you go.

I'll obviously update it tonight or so, so they might not be up-to-date. I am probably going to submit it to google docs one of these days...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My mouse is driving me crazy.

Besides having to reconnect it every time I turn on the computer, now it's making the computer recognize some single clicks as double clicks. It started yesterday, and this is very, very annoying. I often lose about half a minute to try to select a menu option (although time isn't really something I should worry about).

God. I wish I had a new computer.


I've decided it's a pretty good idea to start uploading some albums in my free time (which is all day); it's a pretty good backup resource. Why not download them from another source, you ask? Obviously, to keep my tags. This is not a full backup, but it's better than nothing. And I've started a My Warez database, too!
So far I've uploaded 3OH!3 - Streets of Gold and reuploaded LEGEND OF GAME MASTER -the 16 shot-.

Oh and by the way, it looks like the hibernation thing was a false alarm; Gensmom finally paid a bill in time!

Yeah, I guess that's it. I've been playing MOTHER 3 again and started to play Earthbound Zero.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March!

And with that, I must say my internet connection isn't safe. I might disappear in the next days. It could have been cut today, so I'm just being lucky now.

Oh well. It doesn't matter, since I am already preparing to hibernate.

Besides that, today is the day I clean up my online trash! I organize all my e-mails, my uploads and recheck my accounts every month. Of course, it sounds like much but it doesn't take much time, since I don't actually recieve e-mails, upload things or create accounts very frequently. I still clean up other things though!
I will also change my avatar today, setting it to this.

Other than that, I don't have much to say. I've been keeping up with my excel obsession, and my birthday is this month. That's it, really.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emulators Organizer

This tool is kind of rare, so I thought I'd share it here.


Emulators Organizer does... what it says on the title, really. It's like a Winamp media library (or just plain 'library' if you must), but with ROMs, which I find to be a pretty much EXCELLENT idea. The software isn't exactly the best thing ever, but it's better than nothing. I already left my feedback right here, hoping to see more changes soon.

It's become kind of another project of mine to recollect covers and snapshots for every game... which isn't necessarily a bad thing, since it keeps me busy. It'd be best if it did it automatically though.

So there you go. I am not exactly recommending this, but it's a pretty neat way to 'organize' your stuff, so go ahead and try if you want to.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


is so comfy. It's great to turn on the computer, start the browser and navigate to this page and see all I want to see. With the ideal gadgets (and other niceties) it's just about perfect.

Just because I feel like it I will list the gadgets I have:

·Google Calendars
·Google Reader
·Google (??) Translator
·Google Weather
·Thesaurus (??) Dictionary

If you have any suggestions feel free to name them.

Also no I haven't forgotten about this. Interesting stuff just hasn't happened lately. Just thought I should write about this.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My music library is finally taking some shape!

Yesterday I redid the structure of my whole music library, using only one folder per album; doing so destroyed all my records in my winamp library but it's worth it!
Just now, I finished organizing all of my single-scattered mp3s so that marks step one complete of my mission to create a perfect library. Step two is now tag them correctly!

Here's the tree structure I have right now, in case you're curious. I still need to separate the multiple-disc albums, and you can see the difference between the tagged and non-tagged files with the filename.

Oh, would I love to be able to archive videos.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little project with a worksheet

In the whole month I had no connection, I realized I needed something to keep me entertained on something, besides playing old ROMs. That was when the idea of creating a database of all the games sprouted of a random conversation, so I said "I have nothing to do so let's get on with it".
I had my bro help me give ideas and such, and I started it in a blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel. As I kept inserting data, the more interesting it looked, with my bro telling me to do graphs and things like that. I never used Excel before so it was pretty entertaining.

Since I started the project mid-January, I now have a good chunk of it done; at least I know the game list is done. You can now see how much of a pirate I am! Take a look at it here (you'll need Excel 2007 or higher but I wonder why would someone keep using older versions).

I also plan to eventually create databases for Anime/Cartoons and Music, so I'll most probably post them here when they're done.


Whenever I predict a downtime it happens two weeks later and for only one week, and when I don't it happens for a whole month. Damnit.
Good thing is, my family got a new phone service (and thus, new line and new ISP). After two days of trying it out, I have concluded it's way better than my previous ISP, since the speed is now constant and I haven't experienced a single disconnection yet. The only two things that bother me are that this connection can't multitask very well (JDownloader takes all the bandwidth, need to reduce it so it can share) and the router configuration is locked and requires a password. This new ISP uses a WiMAX antenna and it's Axtel, if anyone cares.

One month without internet sure is boring.