Monday, December 13, 2010


Thought I should update this more often with actual content. I've been meaning to but I always forget. Anyway, onto the actual content...

I've been watching too much anime, and some actual west cartoons! Here's a small preview of what I've been watching. I think it's starting to affect my brain. It's definitely taking too much time, but hey, not like I have something more productive to do, so I guess it doesn't matter at the end. I have also added the ones I've already watched so you can see how much of a freak I am.
The one I'm liking more is definitely the original Dragon Ball, makes me laugh. Follow ups would be Detective Conan and One Piece. Detective Conan fills up the empty space a Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright anime would have so it's pretty awesome.
By the way, the 'small preview' is not meant to be advertising, that site actually sucks most of the time, but at least gets the job done.

In other news, I played Mega Man X 1~3 in a row, and I'm trying to achieve 100% on Kirby Superstar. Cannot play Mega Man X 4 due to computer being silly. And I still need to continue in my Adventures of Lolo 3 play. Downloaded lots of ROMs from a great site for the NES (and you should actually check out Pokemon for the SNES, it's magnific). You only need to register and you'll be able to download a certain amount of ROMs per day (and the limit is actually pretty big for NES/SNES ROMs). Yes, I guess this is sort of advertising, deal with it. I guess that's it for emulation.

I've been trying to become more active on osu! by clearing the forums a bit. Hacking has been kind of halted so I don't visit SMWCentral as much as I used to now, but I will regain interest some other time, I'm sure of it. It always happens like that anyway, my interest in stuff changes too quick.

About anything else... I've been thinking of creating another blog where I share the rare albums I've found, but I always stop thinking about it when the word 'internet' comes to mind. It sure would be worth it though, some of the most recent albums I've downloaded are pretty rare. Oh, and I like walking the streets in Google Maps on Street View.

Um, I think this post is kind of bloated but whatever. I don't think anyone cares about this anyway!

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