Monday, December 13, 2010

About my name.

Some of you (yes, you, the only one) might have wondered, "Why did Gens add Shaze to his name"? Well no, it's not Shaze, it's Haze. Here's the story behind it.

Most of the time I had used and will still use Gens where available. The only alternate nickname I had was Gens0 which is pretty sloppy; back then I thought it was fine but now I think it's not polished. I decided to think of a 'second' nickname, which had to be completely original and went well with Gens.
I thought of several names, most of which I have forgotten already, but everytime I thought of a new one Haze always seemed better. Even though I do not completely agree with it, I couldn't come up with a better one. "I'll get used to it", is what I thought. I like how they sound together, after all.

So then, I started to move out. I created a new Gmail account with that name, and a new Youtube account. Took me overall a complete day to reconfigure my stuff out. Sucks for the forums that won't let me change my name and I had to use Gens0, or for the sites that won't let me change my email address (puush, I'm looking at you). At least, now I have a solid nickname from now on. I have to keep in mind though, to only use Gens where possible, since then it'd be just a burden to my nickname. I am still doubting the name a bit but it can't be reverted now.

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