Friday, November 19, 2010


I finished the game the other day. It's pretty fun... just wished it'd been longer. But hey, it is one of those rare occasions where I actually feel motivated to get the after-game achievements! The Time Trials are fun.

I actually felt obligated to watch a youtube video to see how is a puzzle done, "Prize for the reckless" to be specific. I feel pretty bad since I don't want to do that most of the time, but it truly seemed impossible to me!
Sigh, it's not like I can fix it anyhow. I managed to beat two Adventures of Lolo games without a walkthrough and that's good enough!

I was surprised with what you can do with Flash now, by the way. The engine was pretty solid throughout the game, and you don't see that in every Flash game. I didn't see any single bug in the whole game!

Anyway, I pretty much recommend this game to everyone. Hard but in the fun style.

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