Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Okay so

Have you noticed the small differences here? It didn't take me much to change it, but at least it's better than leaving the original template.

Meh. I still need to reconfigure my Youtube account and my MSN contacts... it sure takes some time.
And I realized I talk more to people in osu! than in RL. Sad truth.

I guess I should update what I'm doing besides moving my account: downloading keygen + classical music. Best combination!

I'll be moving my contacts for the next days. I might forget to add someone so don't feel bad if you notice I don't get online for days, and just add my new account.! I won't publish it. I am being more picky with my contacts now, so no lurkers or unknown people this time. You can just contact me at whatever community I'm on (osu!, SMWCentral, GDAMania).

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